Frank Bailey
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Frank Bailey (Character)
from Mississippi Burning (1988)

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Mississippi Burning (1988)
Frank Bailey: Get this straight, you corn-holin' fucker. You tell your queer-ass nigger bosses that they ain't never gonna find those civil rightsers down here! So you might as well pack up and go back up North where you came from and...
[Anderson grabs his crotch hard, Bailey screams in pain]
Anderson: [while grabbing Bailey by the balls] Now get *this* straight, Shit-kicker! Don't you go confusin' me with some whole other body. You must have your brains in your *dick* if you think we're gonna just walk away from this. We're gonna stay 'till this gets done.
[after opening his coat and exposing his gun he turns to Deputy Pell]
Anderson: How 'bout you, Deputy. That gun of yours just for show or do you get to shoot people once in a while?
Anderson: [Releases his grip on Bailey, then takes a swig of beer] Thanks for the beer.

Frank Bailey: [sniffs Goatee] Hell! You even startin' to smell like a nigger, Jew boy.
Goatee: [to his passengers] Don't worry. We'll be all right.
Frank Bailey: Sure you will, nigger lover.
Floyd Swilley: He seen your face. That's not good him seein' your face.
Frank Bailey: Oh. It don't make no difference no more.
[kills Goatee]

Frank Bailey: [after kicking Aaron to the ground] You've already been told once, nigger! And we're not gonna tell you again. If you go making any more trouble by squawking them boot lips off to any of those Federal men, then we sure as hell are gonna have to put you in the ground, boy. And that's without a pine box. Do you understand ME!
[kicks him again]

[on killing African-Americans]
Frank Bailey: I wouldn't give it no more thought than wringing a cat's neck! And there ain't a court in Mississippi that'd convict me for it.