Deputy Clinton Pell
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Deputy Clinton Pell (Character)
from Mississippi Burning (1988)

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Mississippi Burning (1988)
Deputy Pell: You got no right to be here. This is a political meeting.
Ward: Doesn't smell that way to me, Deputy.
Deputy Pell: It's a damn political meeting, Hoover Boy.
Ward: Oh, it looks like a political meeting, but smells more like Klan to me... with or without the Halloween costumes.

Deputy Clinton Pell: You have to be a member to drink here.
Anderson: Member? A member of what?
[long pause]
Deputy Clinton Pell: Member of the social club.

Deputy Pell: Funny, their kids are so cute.

Deputy Pell: Y'all think you can drive any ol' speed you want down here.
Goatee: You had us scared to death, man.
Deputy Pell: Don't you call me man, Jew boy!
Goatee: Yes, sir. What should I call you?
Deputy Pell: You don't call me nothing, nigger-loving Jew boy. You just listen.
Goatee: Yes, sir.

Ward: Good morning. My name is Allen Ward. I'm with the FBI.
Deputy Pell: [mockingly] Oooh. The Federal Bureau of Integration? In that getup, you ain't exactly undercover, are ya?

Deputy Pell: It's a goddamn political meeting, hoover boy.
Ward: Oh, it looks like a political meeting but it smells more like Klan to me, with or without the Halloween costumes.