Janet Stone
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Janet Stone (Character)
from Firewall (2006)

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Firewall (2006)
Jack Stanfield: Nice flowers.
Janet Stone: Born-again Bobby.
Jack Stanfield: Maybe he's trying to save your soul.
Janet Stone: He'd need bigger blossoms than that.

Jack Stanfield: [after Bill forces Jack to fire Janet] Janet, I want you to pack up your stuff and go home.
Janet Stone: What? What do you mean?
Jack Stanfield: Just what I said. Pack up your stuff and go home.
Janet Stone: Why?
Jack Stanfield: You're fired.
Janet Stone: If this is a joke, it's not funny.
Jack Stanfield: No, it's not a joke. Tomorrow, I'll call Human Resources. I'll get you a job with somebody else at the bank. Right now I want you to just do what I said.
Janet Stone: What are you talking about? Is this because of him?
Jack Stanfield: Don't argue with me, Janet!
Janet Stone: But Jack, I haven't done anything wrong.
Jack Stanfield: Pack up your shit and get out of here, now!
Janet Stone: Screw you, Jack!

Janet Stone: What are you doing?
Jack Stanfield: I'm gonna find my dog.

Janet Stone: [Bobby is asking to go out on a date with Janet] How do I say this Bobby?... NO. First, you ask me out; which you've done. Then, I say no; which I've done. Then you move on, but you keep coming back. You don't keep asking me out.
Bobby: So, at which point does it become sexual harassment?