Beth Stanfield
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Beth Stanfield (Character)
from Firewall (2006)

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Firewall (2006)
[the morning after the kidnappers have taken over]
Beth Stanfield: You have to do whatever they want. I don't care what it is.
Jack Stanfield: It may not be that easy. We've seen their faces.
Beth Stanfield: But he said if we just cooperate...
Jack Stanfield: I know what they said, Beth!

Vel: So, you're an architect?
Beth Stanfield: Yes.
Vel: And you designed this house?
Beth Stanfield: I did.
Vel: It's nice.
Beth Stanfield: Thanks.
Vel: How old is it?
Beth Stanfield: Seven years.
Vel: How much does a house like this go for?
Beth Stanfield: This is about robbing the bank, isn't it? You're using Jack to help you rob the bank.
Vel: Open a few doors and press a few buttons.
Liam: Just look after the kids, Beth. And, Vel, stick to your work.

[to Sarah and Andy]
Beth Stanfield: This is all going to be over really soon.

Jack Stanfield: [Jack arrives home] Where are they?
Bill Cox: Through here.
Jack Stanfield: [Jack sees family tied up] Jesus. What is this?
Andy Stanfield: Daddy!
Jack Stanfield: Why have you done this for god's sake?
[removes tape from their mouths]
Jack Stanfield: They're children.
Bill Cox: [Referring to why the family has tape over their mouths] I said if they were trouble. Were they trouble?
Vel: They were noisy.
Willy: Yes. We made an executive decision.
Bill Cox: You are a criminal, Willy, not an executive.
Willy: Yeah, but I thought you said if...
Bill Cox: Shut up, Willy.
Andy Stanfield: Daddy.
Jack Stanfield: I wanna know what you want. And I wanna know now.
Bill Cox: Beth, I am sorry about all of this. I... I am, but well, there we are. Uh. I need you to talk to your husband. He listens to you. I need you to make him understand that if he doesn't do exactly as I ask, I will kill you and your two children. But if you can make him listen Beth, if you can make him do what I want, you'll all walk away from this unpleasantness, unscathed. Not because I'm a nice man, simply because there'll be no reason for me to hurt you. Make sense? Can I rely on your cooperation?
Jack Stanfield: Just tell him yes.
Beth Stanfield: Yes.
Bill Cox: Sarah?
Sarah Stanfield: Fine.
Bill Cox: And you big fella?
Andy Stanfield: Maybe.
Beth Stanfield: [warningly] Andy.
Bill Cox: No, it's all right. It's honest.

Liam: [after the kidnappers have taken over the house] I know it's difficult for you, but try and get some sleep.
Sarah Stanfield: Mom, what's going on? What do they want?
Beth Stanfield: I don't know, sweetheart.

Andy Stanfield: When is daddy coming home?
Beth Stanfield: As soon as he can get them some money from the bank.
Sarah Stanfield: And then they'll leave?
Beth Stanfield: And then they'll leave.

Andy Stanfield: [Beth, Sarah, and Andy are sitting on the bed with Rusty] Can I take his collar off?
Beth Stanfield: No, honey. He needs that.
Liam: [Liam walks in] Beth, come with me, please.
Beth Stanfield: Where?
Liam: Just downstairs.
Sarah Stanfield: Mom
[Sarah nods her head, no]
Beth Stanfield: It's okay. I'll be right back.
Liam: Now, Beth.
Sarah Stanfield: Why do you hate us so much?
Liam: I don't hate you, Sarah. I just don't care about you.
[Liam leaves with Beth]
Liam: I need you to make a call.
Beth Stanfield: Why... why would I say this?
Liam: Make him believe you.
[Liam puts gun to Beth's head]

Beth Stanfield: [to kidnappers] Don't you ever touch my children again, do you hear me?
Pim: Shut your goddamn mouth. From now on, you do as you're told!

[Doorbell rings]
Beth Stanfield: [downstairs] Sarah, the pizza's here. My wallet's by the door.
[Doorbell rings again]
Beth Stanfield: Is somebody gonna get that?
[Beth goes upstairs]
Beth Stanfield: [Sarah and Andy are watching a movie] That's a scary movie. Turn it off. Your brother won't be able to sleep for a week.
[Beth opens the door to the "pizza guy"]
Beth Stanfield: I'm so sorry to make you...
[kidnappers barge in]
Beth Stanfield: Sarah! Sarah!
Sarah Stanfield: Mom?
Beth Stanfield: Call 911!