Margaret 'Meg' March
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Margaret 'Meg' March (Character)
from Little Women (1949)

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Little Women (1994)
[Meg has twisted her ankle and Laurie took her home in his carriage]
Amy: He put snow on your ankle? With his own hands?
Marmee: I won't have my girls being silly about boys. To bed! Jo dear.
Amy: Everything lovely happens to Meg.
Meg: [Sarcastically] Oh yes, indeed.

Laurie: Fellow artists, may I present myself as an actor, a musician, and a loyal and very humble servant of the club.
Jo March: We'll be the judge of that.
Laurie: In token of my gratitude and as a means of promoting communication between adjoining nations, shouting from windows being forbidden, I shall provide a post office in our hedge, to further incourage the bearing of our souls and the telling of our most appalling secrets. I do pledge never to reveal what I recieve in confindence here.
Meg: Well, then. Do take your place Rodrigo.
Jo March: Sir Rodrigo.

Josephine 'Jo' March: You plastered yourself on him!
Meg March: It's proper to take a gentleman's arm if it's offered!

Jo: Imagine, giving up Italy to come live with that awful old man.
Meg: [Meg tsks] Oh Jo, please don't say awful; it's slang.

Younger Amy March: [Jo is curling Meg's hair] What's that smell? Like burnt feathers.
Jo: Aaahh!
Meg: You've ruined me!

Jo March: [uncovers John's eyes] Surprise!
Marmee: John. You have a daughter.
Hannah: And a son.
[Marmee and Hannah hands the twins to John]
Meg: Oh, Marmee, I can't believe you did this four times.
John Brooke: Yes, but never two at once, my darling.

Meg: Have you heard from the professor?
Jo: No. No, we did not part well.
Meg: Well, John and I don't always agree but then we mend it.

Marmee: I fear you would have a long engagement, three or four years. John must secure a house before you can marry and do his service to the union.
Jo: John? Marry? You mean that poky old Mr Brooke? How did he weasel his way into this family?
Marmee: Jo! Mr Brooke has been very kind to visit father in the hospital every day.
Jo: He's dull as powder Meg, can't you at least marry someone amusing?
Meg: I'm fond of John, he's kind and serious and I'm not afraid of being poor.
Jo: Marmee, you can't just let her go and marry him.
Meg: I'd hardly just go and marry anyone.
Marmee: I would rather Meg marry for love and be a poor man's wife than marry for riches and lose her self-respect.
Meg: So, you don't mind that John is poor.
Marmee: No, but I'd rather he have a house.
Jo: Why must we marry at all? Why can't things just stay as they are?
Marmee: It's just a proposal, nothing can be decided on. Now girls? Don't spoil the day.

Jo: Meg? John Brooke stole your glove.
Meg: Which glove? Not my white one.
Jo: Laurie says he keeps it in his pocket. Hannah, don't you think he ought to give it back?
Hannah: It isn't what I think that matters.

Laurie: Meg?
Meg: Please don't tell Jo how I've behaved.
Laurie: As long as you won't tell anyone how I've behaved.
Meg: I was just playing a part. To see what it felt like to be Belle Gardiner with four proposals and 20 pairs of gloves.
Laurie: You're worth ten of those girls.
Boston Matron: Did you see the way that March girl has gone after the Laurence heir?
Boston Matron: Best thing that could happen to the Marches.
Meg: This ridiculous dress, I've been tripping over it all night.
Laurie: Tie something around your neck where it can do you some good.