Prof. Friedrich Bhaer
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Prof. Friedrich Bhaer (Character)
from Little Women (1933)

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Little Women (1994)
Jo: What's going to happen?
Friedrich: The inevitable.

Friedrich: Jo. Such a little name for... such a person.

Friedrich: But I have nothing to give you. My hands are empty.
[entwines her hands with his]
Jo: Not empty now.

Friedrich Bhaer: You must write from life, from the depths of your soul!

Friedrich: Your heart understood mine. In the depth of the fragrant night, I listened with ravished soul to your beloved voice. Your heart understood mine.

Friedrich: [having read Jo's latest book] There is *nothing* in this of the woman I am privileged to know.

Friedrich Bhaer: I am going to the west. They need teachers and they are not so concerned about the accent.
Jo March: I don't mind it either.

Friedrich Bhaer: You know, when first I saw you I thought "ah, she is a writer".
Jo: What made you think so?
[Friedrich indicates her inky fingers]

Jo: Friedrich, this is what I write. My apologies if it fails to live up to your high standards.
Friedrich Bhaer: Jo, there is more to you than this. If you have the courage to write it.

Jo: I don't have an opera dress.
Friedrich Bhaer: Where we are sitting, we shall not be so... formal.

Friedrich Bhaer: You do not take wine?
Jo: Only medicinally.
Friedrich Bhaer: Pretend you've got a cold.

Little Women (1933)
[last lines]
Prof. Bhaer: Oh, please, please... just, just one moment, before... I have a wish to ask you something. Would you... Oh, I-I... I have no courage to think that... but, but, but, could I dare hope that... I? I... I know I, I shouldn't make so free as to ask. I have nothing to give, but my heart so full and... and these empty hands.
Jo March: [taking his hands in hers] Not empty now.
Prof. Bhaer: Oh, heart's dearest!
[they embrace]
Jo March: [drawing him into the house] Welcome home!