Richard Hannay
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Richard Hannay (Character)
from The 39 Steps (1935)

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The 39 Steps (1935)
Richard Hannay: I know what it is to feel lonely and helpless and to have the whole world against me, and those are things that no men or women ought to feel.

Richard Hannay: There are 20 million women in this island and I've got to be chained to you.

Annabella Smith: Have you ever heard of the 39 Steps?
Richard Hannay: No. What's that, a pub?

[a flock of sheep block the road as the car screeches to a halt]
Richard Hannay: Hello, what are we stopping for? Oh it's a whole flock of detectives.

[Screaming out to Mr. Memory at the Music Hall]
Richard Hannay: What are The 39 Steps?

Richard Hannay: Are you married?
The Milkman: Yes, but don't rub it in.

Richard Hannay: How far is Winnipeg from Montreal?
Mr. Memory: A gentleman from Canada. You're welcome, sir. Winnipeg, the third city of Canada and the capital of Manitoba. Distance from Montreal: 1424 miles.

Richard Hannay: Out for adventure, eh?
Annabella Smith: That's right.

Richard Hannay: Beautiful, mysterious woman pursued by gunmen. Sounds like a spy story.
Annabella Smith: That's exactly what it is.

Richard Hannay: [Hannay escapes onto the stage at a political rally and has to make an impromptu speech] Ladies and gentleman I apologise for my hesitation in rising just now, but to tell you the simple truth I'd entirely failed while listening to the chairman's flattering description of the next speaker to realise that he was talking about me.

The 39 Steps (2008) (TV)
Richard Hannay: So, what's the story?
Scudder: [hesitantly] I am a freelance agent for the British Secret Service Bureau.
Richard Hannay: My housekeeper told me you were an accountant.
Scudder: I don't make a habit of telling people that I'm a spy. Last night I was supposed to meet someone from the Bureau to exchange information, but it was a double-cross. Obviously I've been betrayed. I've been on the trail of a German espionage ring and I've tracked down their headquarters to a village in Scotland.
Richard Hannay: [sarcastically] You should contact the Weekly News. They're offering ten pounds to anyone spotting a German agent. An espionage ring could make you a very wealthy man.

Victoria Sinclair: Why don't we steal that car and leave it in the next town.
Richard Hannay: Because it belongs to those two men up there. They're German spies who are chasing me with a view to ending my life.
Victoria Sinclair: You're not just a murderer but a delusional maniac - just my luck.

Victoria Sinclair: I don't believe in violence.
Richard Hannay: Course you believe in violence - you're a suffragette. You fire-bomb the homes of politicians.
Victoria Sinclair: What! You'd rather I sat at home warming your slippers?
Richard Hannay: I don't want you *touching* my slippers.
Victoria Sinclair: You're a prehistoric boor.
Richard Hannay: You, my dear, are an unhinged hysteric.

Richard Hannay: Well at least you're only a spy and not a suffragette.
Victoria Sinclair: Well, actually I'm a spy /and/ a suffragette.
Richard Hannay: Oh Lord!

Richard Hannay: When we return to London, I intend to woo you.

Richard Hannay: No one should involve themselves in intelligence work without a good breakfast.

The Thirty-Nine Steps (1978)
Hannay: I thought he was a harmless lunatic!

Liberal Conference Audience Member: Why don't you stop asking questions and tell us something?
Hannay: Yes, I will tell you something. You're not awake! You wouldn't know if... if those two men who just walked in weren't German Sleeper Agents.

The 39 Steps (1959)
Fisher: I'm not going to lie on that bed!
Richard Hannay: As long as you're chained to me you can't very well avoid it. Come on.
Fisher: Ow!
Fisher: I wish you wouldn't keep saying 'ow' like that. In a respectable house it might be misinterpreted.