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'Be a Man' Tape Instructor (Character)
from In & Out (1997)

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In & Out (1997)
[while listening to the "How to be a man" tape]
Voice on tape: Now, repeat after me: "Yo!"
Howard Brackett: Yo!
Voice on tape: Hot damn!
Howard Brackett: Hot damn!
Voice on tape: What a fabulous window treatment!
Howard Brackett: What a fabu...
Voice on tape: That was a trick!

Voice on Tape: Excuse me, are we a little teapot?

["how to be a man" tape plays disco music]
Voice on Tape: For God's sake, don't shake that booty!

Voice on Tape: Think about John Wayne, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Arnold doesn't dance, he can barely walk.

Voice on Tape: Truly manly men do NOT dance.

[after Howard's dancing is complete]
Voice on Tape: Well, how did you do... prissy boy.