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Sean Taylor (Character)
from Drumline (2002)

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Drumline (2002)
Dr. Lee: What was that? Why do we rehearse? Why... do we rehearse? You're out there showboating for five minutes. If I wasn't able to signal a drum major to back you up, you'd still be out there beating your damn drum!
Sean: Dr. Lee, sir, maybe there's an explanation. Devon...
Dr. Lee: Do I look like I need you to explain anything right now?
Sean: No, sir.
Dr. Lee: I don't know what the beef is, but you better grill it up and eat it. Because it is my a** that is on the line.
President Wagner: Now that is a new beginning. That's exactly what I'm talking about.
[shakes Devon's hand]
President Wagner: Great job, son. You are something. You are something special.
Devon: Thank you, sir.
President Wagner: Great job, all of you. Now let's see Morris Brown top that!
[band cheers]
President Wagner: Some alumni wanna speak with you. There they are. Don't keep them waiting. New beginning! NEW BEGINNING!
Dr. Lee: Sean, I want you to polish the drums tonight. And I'd better be able to see myself in the surface.
Sean: Yes sir.
Devon: I left the polisher on the bottom shelf.

Sean: I've had it with your no talent, wannabe gangster ass! You wanna prove once and for all that I'm better than you? Strap up!
Devon: Bring it on, big brother tin man!

Dr. Lee: Good morning.
The Band: Good morning.
Dr. Lee: Good morning to music. Good morning and welcome to Atlanta A&T University marching band training. The next two weeks will be your introduction and possibly induction into a great marching band legacy. If you are here, it's because you believe in musicianship. If you are here it's because you believe in Coltrane, Miles Davis, Stevie Wonder, and the elements known as Earth, Wind, and Fire. If you are here, it's because you have a fervent, unequivocal belief in teamwork.
[Several students just arrive at the A&T field]
Dr. Lee: And if you wish to remain here, you better start believing in being on time.
[looks at Ernest]
Dr. Lee: You...
[points to him]
Dr. Lee: who's your roommate?
Ernest: Uh, Devon... Miles, sir.
Dr. Lee: [looks at Devon, walks off the platform, and approaches him] Eyes front!
Devon: Hey, what's up, Dr. Lee?
Dr. Lee: It's all good, Mr. Miles, glad to have you here.
Devon: Thank you, sir.
Dr. Lee: Why was he late?
Devon: I, um... guess he overslept.
Dr. Lee: Well, why didn't you wake him?
Devon: I'm not his mother, sir.
Dr. Lee: I asked Mr. Miles why his roommate was late, he says he guesses he overslept. I asked, "Why didn't you wake him?" and he says he is not his mother. Section leaders, what is our concept?
Sean, Tuba Section Leader, Sax Section Leader, Trumpet Section Leader: One band, one sound!
Dr. Lee: One band, one sound. When one of us is late, we are all late. When one of us looks or sounds bad, we all look and sound bad. So what's the concept?
The Band: One band, one sound.
Dr. Lee: Now I want ten laps from those who are not their roommates' mama.

Sean: You're the best, Devon! But when we're on the field, nobody hears you! They hear the band.

Dr. Lee: Mr. Miles, I guess you didn't like the required piece as written.
Devon: Naw, I just thought I'd add a little somethin' somethin' on the end.
Sean: He can play. We all know that, but his attitude is messed up. Now I put three years into building this line. In chemistry's grading, I don't wanna jeopardize that.
Dr. Lee: [a car horn makes one long blast to indicate that Devon is a P1] Your line seems to think otherwise.

Sean: Congratulations, you're not crabs anymore. Now you're crab drummers. And tonight, is tree-shaking eliminations, which will determine who will become A&T drummers. So tonight, celebrate, because you made it through training.
[band celebrates]
Sean: Whoa, whoa...
[band gets back into position]
Sean: after, you prove a thorough knowledge of the rule book. What is mandatory of all A&T musicians?
[points to Jason]
Jason: All A&T musicians must read music.
Sean: When can a P2 or a P3 challenge for a spot on the field?
[points to Diedre]
Diedre: At the practice before the performance, sir.
Sean: What is...
[looks at Devon and slowly points to him]
Sean: the last rule of the rule book?

Sean: Mini-Me, I need a volunteer to polish the drums for tomorrow.
Devon: Aw, that's a P4's job.
Sean: Now, I'm making it your job. You don't like it? Quit.
[puts a towel on Devon's drum]

Dr. Lee: Mr. Taylor, finished with those halftime cadences?
Sean: Just finished 'em.
Dr. Lee: Good, let's hear it.
Sean: [looks at Devon] Actually, Dr. Lee, why don't we let Devon run it?
Devon: [after being pointed at by Dr. Lee] Oh no, you the big dog, you do your thing.
Sean: No, I think it would help if somebody else played it.
Devon: It would do me no justice.
Dr. Lee: What are you two, Beavis and Blackhead? It doesn't have to be perfect, Devon. I just wanna hear it.

Sean: Dr. Lee... Dr. Lee, just wanted to catch you before rehearsals. I was thinking, that instead of promoting a P2 to replace Devon, we could just keep the snare line at nine.
Dr. Lee: And how long have you been thinking that?
Sean: Just this morning.
Dr. Lee: Are you sure?
[Sean nods his head yes]
Dr. Lee: I thought maybe it was the day you showed us all he couldn't read, or was it the night that he took your solo, I don't know. But since you heard him play, you decided that the line or perhaps maybe, just you, would be better off without him. Remember when I first made you section leader?
[Sean nods his head yes]
Dr. Lee: You were sweating bullets wondering how you could lead this loud, passionate group of your peers. And I said you would be fine. You know why?
Sean: You said I loved the sound of the line more than the sound of my own drum.
Dr. Lee: Yes. And you lost sight of that. And that's okay 'cause we all lose sight of things. But if you don't get it together, Mr. Taylor, you're gonna have a difficult time leading the Senate whether Devon is on it or not.

Sean: Dr. Lee, got a sec?
Dr. Lee: Sure.
Devon: Hey, what's up, Dr. Lee?
Dr. Lee: Mr. Miles.
Devon: Well, I was wondering - actually *we* were wondering - if you needed any entrance cadences for the Classic. Not that I'm trying to get back on the line or anything, I just want you to check 'em out.
Dr. Lee: Oh... let me see.
Sean: Alright... the concept was all Devon's.
Devon: Yeah, but my man Sean here had the structure on lock.
Sean: But the snare part, all the sticking... that's the kid.
Dr. Lee: What, you two a couple now?
Devon: You got an old-school feel to it, but sometimes you're gonna have to take it back.
Dr. Lee: It's not a bad idea... not a bad idea at all.

Trumpet Section Leader: Trumpets are the voice of the band. We are the melody. We are the clarity.
Tuba Section Leader: Tubas are the most important section of this band, boy! Tubas are the boom!
Sax Section Leader: Saxophones are the truth, the funk, and the hook. See, once they see us, they recognize...
[percussion section claps to a beat]
Sean: We are the heart... and the soul. Without the percussion section, the band doesn't move, doesn't come alive.
[places a hand on Devon's shoulder as he and his co-percussionists clap faster]
Sean: We are the pulse. Without a pulse, you're dead.
[signals a stop to the clapping]
Sean: That's why we're the most important section in this band.
[percussion section splits up at the call for a ten-minute break]
Sean: Whoa... where the hell are you going?
Devon: He said, "take a break."
Sean: Did I say, "take a break"?
Devon: No.
Sean: No.
Devon: No, big dog, I mean, sir.
Sean: We do not rest with the band at performance, and we do not rest with the band at practice. Give me 30 push-ups.
Devon: [gets down on the ground with the rest of his section] Oh.
Sean: You got a problem?
Devon: No man, you want 30 push-ups, you got 30 push-ups.
Sean: Make it 32.

Sean: Snares, listen up. This last part before my solo is complicated. Pay attention.
[pulls out his sticks]
Sean: I'mma go through it slowly, so pay attention.
[plays his passage, which is being slowed down at one point]
Sean: Our first game is just about a week away, so you better step up to the learning curb quickly. So take out your sheet music -
[Devon copies Sean's rhythm]

Dr. Lee: Devon.
Devon: Yes sir.
Dr. Lee: You wanna give 'em a little taste of what they're gonna get on next season?
[Devon gets excited]
Dr. Lee: That is if it's okay with your section leader.
[Devon looks at Sean]
Sean: Mini-Me, I knew you couldn't stay away!
[shakes hands with Devon]