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Detective Inspector McCall (Character)
from Shallow Grave (1994)

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Shallow Grave (1994)
Detective-Inspector McCall: Only three people here? You're sure?
David Stephens: Yes, absolutely. Who said there were four?
Detective-Inspector McCall: Make a note of that, Mitchell. Only three, rather than four. Write it down. You can use numbers or words. I have no preference. Which are you using?
Detective-Constable Mitchell: Both, sir.
Detective-Inspector McCall: Excellent.

Detective-Inspector McCall: In your work you must meet lots of different people every day. New people, new faces, no?
Juliet Miller: Yes.
Detective-Inspector McCall: What do you recognize most, names or faces?
Juliet Miller: Diseases.
Detective-Inspector McCall: Like recognizing criminals by their crimes.

Detective-Inspector McCall: And the other three people living in the flat?
David Stephens: There are only two other people living in the flat.