Sheikh Riyadh
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Sheikh Riyadh (Character)
from Hidalgo (2004)

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Hidalgo (2004)
[the Sheik offers to shake Frank's hand]
Frank T. Hopkins: What about your ability to tell the future?
Sheik Riyadh: If I had the ability to foretell the future, perhaps I would have bet on a painted horse.

Sheik Riyadh: And you, an unbeliever in the tent of a man who can trace his very blood back to Adam, you will be removed of your infidel self.
Frank T. Hopkins: Removed of my what?
Sheik Riyadh: Like a stallion not worthy of breeding.

Sheik Riyadh: Tell me about this Wyatt Earp... and Doctor Holliday.

Sheik Riyadh: How is the coffee? If you were to put a horseshoe in it, do you suppose it would stand erect?
Katib: At your age uncle, I suppose it is that only thing that might!
Sheik Riyadh: Boldly spoken... for a man with no wives.

Frank T. Hopkins: I'm not a gambling man.
Sheik Riyadh: Quite the contrary. You are gambling with your very life!

Sheik Riyadh: [Frank offers his Colt to the Sheik] I lost the race.
Frank T. Hopkins: But you won a friend.

Sheik Riyadh: Never before has a foreigner partaken in the Great Race.

Frank T. Hopkins: Only fools or gamblers walk behind a stange mare, Sheikh! You can believe that.
Sheik Riyadh: Is that a passage from the Bible?