Elaine Christian
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Elaine Christian (Character)
from S1m0ne (2002)

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S1m0ne (2002)
Viktor: I made her.
Elaine: No, Viktor. She made YOU.

Viktor: Do you know why I, Viktor Taransky, two-time Academy Award nominated director...
Elaine: Viktor, that was short subjects.
Viktor: ...overseeing the most cherished movie project of my entire career, am walking around with - look, look, look - pockets full of these... things?
Elaine: Well, I have a feeling you're gonna tell me.
Viktor: I'm gonna tell ya why. Because Miss Nicola Anders, supermodel with a SAG card, has it written in her contract that all cherry Mike and Ike's be removed from her candy dish, along with strict instructions that any room she walks into must have seven packs of cigarettes waiting for her, three of them open. That there be a personal Jacuzzi within eighty paces of her dressing room, and that any time she travels, her nanny must fly with her, first class.
Elaine: So? What's wrong with that?
Viktor: Elaine, she doesn't have children.

Elaine: Viktor, you realize you're nostalgic for an era you weren't even born in?

Elaine: Why stop at one character when you can do a whole cast?