Viktor Taransky
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Viktor Taransky (Character)
from S1m0ne (2002)

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S1m0ne (2002)
[to a group of reporters]
Viktor: Simone appears only when I want her to appear.

Viktor: I made her.
Elaine: No, Viktor. She made YOU.

Viktor: Do you know why I, Viktor Taransky, two-time Academy Award nominated director...
Elaine: Viktor, that was short subjects.
Viktor: ...overseeing the most cherished movie project of my entire career, am walking around with - look, look, look - pockets full of these... things?
Elaine: Well, I have a feeling you're gonna tell me.
Viktor: I'm gonna tell ya why. Because Miss Nicola Anders, supermodel with a SAG card, has it written in her contract that all cherry Mike and Ike's be removed from her candy dish, along with strict instructions that any room she walks into must have seven packs of cigarettes waiting for her, three of them open. That there be a personal Jacuzzi within eighty paces of her dressing room, and that any time she travels, her nanny must fly with her, first class.
Elaine: So? What's wrong with that?
Viktor: Elaine, she doesn't have children.

Viktor: You know, it's easier to fool a hundred thousand people than just one.

Viktor: She's indestructible.

Viktor: Our ability to manufacture fraud now exceeds our ability to detect it.

Viktor: Creative differences? The difference is, you're not creative.

Viktor: You made me, but I made you first.

Viktor: I did it. Tell them they can fry me. I DID IT! It was premeditated! I strangled her... I bludgeoned her... I set her on fire, and then I killed her! I did it!

Simone: You're gonna get in a lot of trouble, Mr Taransky.
Viktor: Why do you have to bring that up?

[first lines]
Production Assistant: Uh, Mr. Taransky, she's...
Viktor: She's walking? Don't tell me she's walking. She can't walk!
[heads off running]
Viktor: Nicola!

Viktor: A star is digitized. You know what this means? We have stepped into a new dimension. Our ability to manufacture fraud now exceeds our ability to protect it.

Viktor: She killed you, Hank, and now she's killing me. She's a serial killer.

Chief Detective: Can you tell us why you're disposing of the body of a woman that doesn't exist?
Viktor: Well it's not her body. It's it's it's her body... of work.

Simone: You see Viktor and I are both very concerned about what kind of world our new son Chip is going to grow up in. Aren't you Viktor?
Viktor: Oh, yes.

Viktor: This is a classic case of technology in search of an artist.

Viktor: The only real truth is the work.

Viktor: [to Simone] You're more authentic than all the people who worship you, and that's the problem you're lookin' at... the real fraud. I told myself this was all about the work. But if that were the truth, it wouldn't matter to me that you got all the attention, and it does; it does. I'm sorry, Simone. Here I was trying to convince the whole world you existed, but what I was really trying to do was convince them that I exist.

Viktor: [to a Simone poster] You bitch! I will crush you.

Viktor: [when he's locked up in jail for something he didn't do] I've had enough of this horseshit.