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Trevor (Character)
from Slither (2006)

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Slither (2006)
Bill Pardy: [Looking at the disemboweled dog] I reckon Grant ain't got one of them puppy calendars on his desk. Just don't strike me as a real dog lover is all.
Trevor: Hey!
[holds up the decapitated head of a dog]
Trevor: Look. Knocked this one's head clear on over here.
Wally: Put that down, numbnuts!

Bill Pardy: [holds up a toy squid from his desk] What's this?
Trevor: I thought we could use that like a police sketch, Chief. You know, take it door to door, see if anybody recognizes it.

Trevor: [Bill, Margaret and Trevor spot Grant and Starla getting into a car] That's one match I'll never get.
Margaret: [zipping Gina Kid's jacket up] Ain't no mystery. Starla was raised in them shanties off St. Luke, dirt poor. All she ever wanted was to be a lady. Ol' Grant Grant, he's always been made of green.
Trevor: Gold digger, huh?
Bill Pardy: Oh, hell, Margaret! Starla's mother left her, her daddy's a drunk, she was 17 years old. Ol' Grant pulls up in a big ol' Cadillac, house on the hill, and college tuition? What would you do?
Margaret: [Lifting a handkerchief to Gina Kid's nose] Blow.
Bill Pardy: Hell, if he had a 'gina, you'd'a married him, too.
Gina Kid: What's a 'gina'?
Bill Pardy: [after an awkward pause] It's a country. You know, where 'Ginese' people come from. Learn to eavesdrop better.