Johnny Truelove
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Johnny Truelove (Character)
from Alpha Dog (2006)

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Alpha Dog (2006)
Johnny Truelove: You ever have that dream: the one where you did something... You don't know why, but you can never go back?

Cosmo Gadabeeti: [grabs onto Johnny Truelove] Hey, look at this kid. How handsome he is. Look at this! You must be knocking them dead. You knocking them dead?
Johnny Truelove: No. Let go of me.
Cosmo Gadabeeti: So what are you doing tonight? You chasing tail?

Frankie Ballenbacher: What about me?
Johnny Truelove: No.
Frankie Ballenbacher: No, what?
Johnny Truelove: He stays with you.
Frankie Ballenbacher: [emphasized] Wha-a-at?
Johnny Truelove: I said 'all fucking queers are deaf', motherfucker!

Angela Holden: [Sitting bored in bed] You wanna fuck?
Johnny Truelove: All right.
[They strip down and begin making out]
Angela Holden: [pauses] Is something wrong?
Johnny Truelove: No.
Angela Holden: No? Your dick's not even hard!
Johnny Truelove: It's getting there.
Angela Holden: Getting there? It's like a piece of bubble gum!
Johnny Truelove: Then do something about it, bitch!
Johnny Truelove: [She slaps his chest aggressively then disappears beneath the covers, Johnny is extremely distracted, she reappears soon] Sorry.
Angela Holden: Sorry? Yeah, you're a sorry little bitch who can't even FUCK!
Johnny Truelove: Hey! Excuse me for being a little distracted, alright? Give me a break, I've got a lot on my mind right now!
Angela Holden: [derisively] Well, what do you wanna fucking do? You wanna play cards? You wanna cuddle?
Johnny Truelove: Can't we just...?
Angela Holden: NO! Fuck that shit, I wanna FUCK!
Johnny Truelove: Suck my dick, all right?
Angela Holden: I tried that already; it didn't work, did it?
[She smirks]

Frankie Ballenbacher: Where is that motherfucker?
Johnny Truelove: Who the fuck knows? I don't know! He's probably laying low waiting to shoot me in the fucking head! I mean, think about it, that's what I'd be doing.
Frankie Ballenbacher: Stop already, alright? You know how I get with this anxiety shit!