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Judge Marty Davis (Character)
from Boiler Room (2000)

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Boiler Room (2000)
Judge Marty Davis: [in a diner] I'm not your best friend. That's your mother's racket. I'm your father. I tell you when you screw up. What did you think I was gonna do? Pat you on the back for this casino idea? Tell you what a great entrepreneur you are? So what do you want me to do, Seth? I mean, my God, if I would have called my father to meet me for a cup of coffee to talk about my screw-ups, he probably would have laughed. We didn't have nice little chats about why I was a bad boy. I got smacked. And I didn't do it again. Much simpler.
Seth Davis: Look, you know, I'm just trying to restore what's left of our relationship. I mean...
Judge Marty Davis: Relationship? What the fuck are you talking about, relationship? What, are we dating? I'm not your girlfriend, Seth. I'm your father. Clean up you life, make an honest living, and then you and I can talk like normal people, all right?

Judge Marty Davis: [to Seth] when I came up to you behind that car, it was the hardest thing I ever had to bear because I wanted to make your pain disappear, I don't even know how to describe the feeling I had at the time, I just want you to know one thing: not a single day of my life goes by that I don't think about that moment, I don't think about being back there just to have one more chance to make your pain disappear, I am more sorry than you'll ever know
[They hug]

Seth Davis: [while having with their family] I dropped out
Judge Marty Davis: Do you want to tell me why?
Seth Davis: I gave it a year and it just wasn't for me
Judge Marty Davis: I see so that means you've been lying to us for six months "school's fine dad, my grades are good dad", alright let's just leave that for a second, so you drop out, that means you haven't been getting you student loan checks, how are you paying the rent every month?
Seth Davis: I'm running a business, earning a living
Judge Marty Davis: "Earning a living?
[Throws poker chips across the table]
Judge Marty Davis: "Is this what you call "earning a living"?

Judge Marty Davis: [while having with their family] How come I've never heard of this firm?
Seth Davis: It's a smaller firm, there are probably a million others you've never heard of
Judge Marty Davis: The reason I ask is I thought you'd join a firm like Goldman Sachs or something of that stature
Seth Davis: The reason the larger houses don't like to hire kids straight out of college unless you went to an ivy league school or if you want to do cash flow analysis for the next fifteen years they usually want you to work outside their firm for a few years and get a good sense of the market but most brokers start out at little firms like JT Marlin
Judge Marty Davis: good, So all you have to do now is close the casino