Michael Brantley
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Michael Brantley (Character)
from Boiler Room (2000)

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Boiler Room (2000)
Michael Brantley: [making a speech and then a toast in the dining area of a hotel] I just wanted to let you guys know the pikers at the N.A.S.T. are finally off our ass, J.T Marlin once again has unlimated trading authorization I told you guys you can't keep a good man down, we're super stars now J.P. Morgan just faxed over their congratulations, it said "welcome to the club", this means those teams headed up by Todd and Richie who are good enough to give up their rep numbers, they can stop cold calling and start trading again, just to show you how appreciative I am there's something extra, I want you to go up to suite 418, I hand picked them myself, we're players now boys SOLUTE!

Seth Davis: [Meeting privately in Michael's office] I want to talk to you about a client of mine, his name is Harry Reynard
Michael Brantley: I don't know him
Seth Davis: I think you should because we're about to lose him, he dropped fifty thousand on Farrowtech this weekend alone
Michael Brantley: And you want to do what?
Seth Davis: I want to keep him here by giving a chunk of the Med Patent IPO
Michael Brantley: We don't have out IPO's to someone who just had a bad day on the market
Seth Davis: Michael, this guy is a fucking whale and he's going to do an obscene amount of business with this firm
Michael Brantley: And you're somehow just sure of this?
Seth Davis: Yeah, he completely trusts me, he doesn't even need the money, he owns the biggest foods company in Wisconsin, he just want to know we're going to do ripe on him
Michael Brantley: How many trades has he made?
Seth Davis: Two, but he made a second trade a week after I opened him, the guy's pretty sour on Farrowtech and he's going to walk, I think we should make him a little money on this next IPO and let him take it for a ride
Michael Brantley: What did Greg say?
Seth Davis: He was busy closing somebody, I didn't want to bother him
Michael Brantley: Well, go get him
Greg Weinstein: [Greg walks in] look, I don't know what he's been telling you, but I've had it with this shit, this is a business, the point he should be on the fucking phone, not in here bitching about personal petty between him and I
Michael Brantley: Seth was talking about giving Med Patent IPO to Harry Reynard
Greg Weinstein: No, first of all I don't even know this Harry Reynard, no way he's totally unreliable
Michael Brantley: The guy dropped fifty thousand on Farrowtech this week
Greg Weinstein: That's great Michael because I have a list of clients that deserve some IPO than this fucking guy, clients that have been with me for than six months, have taken heavy losses and continued to trade with me
Seth Davis: Yeah and he's one of them asshole
Michael Brantley: What do you mean he's one of them?
Seth Davis: He's one of Greg's clients, I opened him when I was closing my forty accounts for you, I'm just his contact, his your client, I'm not going to make a dime off this trade, no wonder the guy's pissed off, his own broker doesn't know his a fucking client
Michael Brantley: Fine, give him ten thousand shares, he just can't sell it before we say so
Seth Davis: great
Michael Brantley: no joke Seth, he cannot sell it before we sell it, at least six months

Michael Brantley: [to the brokers after business hours] I want to congratulate all of you on a huge month, for those of you that are not yet convinced, these were the top dogs of this month, Jim Young, two hundred and eighty thousand dollars, Chris Varick two hundred and five thousand dollars, and Greg Weinstein, one hundred and ninety thousand dollars, this month is going to be even bigger, in fact it's going to be the biggest month we ever had, there's a new issue I wanted to talk to you about, it's called Med Patent, they just designed the world's first retractable syringe, that means doctors and nurses will never again have to worry about infection from dirty needles, this is not going to be an alternative in the medical world, this is going to be the standard, now I know we're here to make money, but if we can do something good like this, it's all the better, I want you to go out and buy yourselves a new car, go buy yourselves a house, go into debt, you are going to make a million dollars inside of six months, we're going to be taking a class trip tonight, so call your moms and tell them "not to wait up"!