Abbie Halpert
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Abbie Halpert (Character)
from Boiler Room (2000)

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Boiler Room (2000)
Seth Davis: Do you know what Bridge Financing is?
Abbie Halpert: No
Seth Davis: Basically it's a way to raise capital for a company that's trying to go public they get money from outside investors they're the "bridge" and it's perfectly legal as long as there's no connection between the investors and the firm but Michael's fronting his friends as the investors on every IPO we do
Abbie Halpert: That's why all the names on the contracts are the same
Seth Davis: Right, and he has us push it all on the open market for him, we're basically Michael's shares and that's where the two dollar "rips" come in, he can afford to pay us that much and it's worth it for him because he literally depends on us to create the market for him there's no other firm selling this shit it's all artificial demand and as soon as we sell off his position there's no need to maintain the inflated price anymore we stop pushing it
Abbie Halpert: And then it crashes
Seth Davis: right, but how does that really affect me? I'm just selling stock there's nothing wrong with that, so I know now how Michael makes his own money and I know I'm not working at Goldman Sachs but we already know that, so how does this really change anything?
Abbie Halpert: I don't know, you tell me

Abbie Halpert: Why are you calling me here?
Agent Etkins: [referring to Seth] Time's running out I need to know what his doing
Abbie Halpert: I'm getting tired of this you have nothing on me I'm going to hang up this phone now
Agent Etkins: You're putting all the deals through, your signature is on every sell ticket, so go ahead, and hang up

Abbie Halpert: [referring to his father unwilling to help him make money from JT before he quits] sitting on her couch inside her apartment So what are you going to do now?
Seth Davis: [pacing back and forth] I'm still going to fucking do it. I have a friend that's going to go in it with me and if I do it right, I can take JT for at least three hundred grand my father can go to hell
Abbie Halpert: I don't think you should do it, I think you should just quit
Seth Davis: I've invested too much time in this, I don't have any more money coming in because Jeff took my fucking gold mine I need this
Abbie Halpert: I could hook you up with my friend who works at Smith Barney I know you can get a job there
Seth Davis: Doing what? Ticket running? You think coming from JT they're going to let me trade? There's no fucking way, why are you so against this? This is going to be great for both of us
Abbie Halpert: I just have a bad feeling about all this

Seth Davis: [while sitting in his car] Do you want to talk to me?
Abbie Halpert: I don't know what to tell you, just think about this: if you pull this IPO deal off and I'm associated with you what do you think is going to happen to me?
Seth Davis: They're not going to be able to prove anything.
Abbie Halpert: Who says they have to? I'm going to lose my job unless I put some distance between us.
Seth Davis: Who cares about that? I'm going to take care of you, you are the one real thing in my life right now.

Seth Davis: [while sitting in the lounge area of a bar] so who do you live with?
Abbie Halpert: do you mean is this little black girl taking care of her grandmother because her mother is a crack head?
Seth Davis: [jokingly] yeah exactly, I thought it was "smack" though.
Abbie Halpert: your right.
Seth Davis: [referring to her attitude] You've got to get ahold of that edge, it's kind of sharp.
Abbie Halpert: I know, it's just that I get so much shit at JT that sometimes I just get into that mode to get them off of me you know?
Seth Davis: yeah, I was going to ask you because it doesn't look like the ideal working environment for a black woman.
Abbie Halpert: no, it isn't, but how many secretaries do you know that make eighty grand a year?
Seth Davis: one
Abbie Halpert: exactly