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Chris Varick (Character)
from Boiler Room (2000)

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Boiler Room (2000)
Chris Varick: [to Seth, after seeing him for the first time on the trading floor] Hey, kid, get the fuck outa here.

Greg Weinstein: [while on the trading floor] Don't you have a canoli you can stick in your mouth?
Chris Varick: Don't you have a menorah you could shove up your ass?

Chris Varick: [Meeting secretly in the stairway] What's this about? You ok?
Seth Davis: I need you to sign a sell ticket for a client of mine
Chris Varick: Fuck Greg, let's go deal with it and talk to Michael
Seth Davis: Wait a minute Chris, I got arrested last night
Chris Varick: What?
Seth Davis: The FBI arrested me
Chris Varick: The FBI? Why the fuck would the FBI arrest you?
Seth Davis: Because of my involvement in this firm
Chris Varick: Your involvement in the firm? What the fuck does that mean?
Seth Davis: Come on Chris you know what that means
Chris Varick: No, I don't know what that means, what the fuck did you tell them?
Seth Davis: They knew everything man, they had photographs and tape recorded conversations, they brought my father in, there was nothing I could do
Chris Varick: [Yelling] What did you do?
Seth Davis: Chris, the FBI is going to raid this place in twenty minutes!
Chris Varick: [Yelling louder] What the fuck are you talking about? Fuck Seth!
Seth Davis: come on man, I asked you for months about shit going on here and you told me to shut the fuck up and get ready to be a millionaire
Chris Varick: That's right "shut the fuck up", didn't you learn anything?
Seth Davis: I learned how to fuck people out their money my client, Harry Reynard just lost his life savings, and he wasn't a whale, he was just a poor schmuck and I took him, I did everything J.T Marlin taught me to do and I made up his mind for him
Chris Varick: What do you want me to tell you? That's what we do here
Seth Davis: We lie, we're liars
Chris Varick: Who they coming for?
Seth Davis: They're coming for everybody, everything

Chris Varick: [Meeting secretly in the stairway] You know how hard I worked to get where I am?
Seth Davis: You need forget about that it doesn't mean shit, right now this moment is what you should be thinking about, what are you going to do in the next fifteen minutes they're make sure we never trade another share of stock for the rest of our lives but we can do something
Chris Varick: What's that?
Seth Davis: Harry, my client I need a senior broker to sign a sell ticket so he can take his shares and dump them on the open market, and make his money back, what's the difference? Do one thing right here just sign it
[Chris signs the sell ticket]

Chris Varick: [Over the phone] Hi Dr. Jacobs this is Chris marlin over at JT Marlin
Dr. Jacobs: Marlin?
Chris Varick: [Another broker turns on the speaker phone ] Right, his my father, so my associate tells me you're interested in one of our stocks?
Dr. Jacobs: Yes, MSC sounds like it might be interesting
Chris Varick: Might be? "Might be" doesn't sell stock at the rate MSC is going for, we're talking a very high volume here
Dr. Jacobs: Well, I still have to run it by my people
Chris Varick: That's great doc if you want to miss another opportunity and watch your colleagues get rich doing clinical trials that don't buy a share and hang up the phone
Dr. Jacobs: Hold on I didn't say that I just want to talk about this more
Chris Varick: Honestly doc I don't have the time this stock is blowing up right now the whole firm is going nuts, hold on let me open the door to my office
[signals everyone to yell and make noise]
Chris Varick: See that doc? That's my trading floor now I have a million calls to make to a million doctors who are in the no, I can't walk you through this I'm sorry
[waiting and expecting a response]
Dr. Jacobs: Ok, let's do this
Chris Varick: Since you're a new account I can't go any higher than two thousand shares I'm sorry
Dr. Jacobs: Two thousand shares? Are you nuts? That's way beyond what I was thinking, Jesus! I'm curious why can't you sell me any more than that?
Chris Varick: We'd like to establish a relationship with our clients on something small before we get to the more serious trades, let me show you couple percentage points then we can talk about doing future business
Dr. Jacobs: That sounds good, give me the two thousand shares
Chris Varick: Done, I promise we'll swing for fences on the next one, let me put my secretary on and she'll take down your info, do you want that confirmation sent to your office or your mansion? It was a pleasure doing business

Seth Davis: [referring to the amount of stock he sold to Dr. Jacobs ] Why'd you put a max on his buy?
Greg Weinstein: [to Greg] You didn't tell him how it works?
Greg Weinstein: His trainee he doesn't need to know initial sell limits
Greg Weinstein: [to Seth] Make sure he shows you the ropes his too busy calling his bookie, fucking Hebrews always looking out for themselves and not the trainees, the reason I capped him is in case if his a piker, so we're go ahead and front the money for this sale and if he doesn't send the check I'm the one holding the bag follow me?
Seth Davis: Right
Chris Varick: Last month a kid a Jim's team wrote a million dollar ticket the stock was down three and a half points by settlement the kid took a quarter of a million dollar hit, do you know how much that hurts? Besides the first sale is what's appetite, if his a whale, which looks like he is
Seth Davis: Right
Chris Varick: So put him a daily measureable rip
Seth Davis: What's a "rip"?
Chris Varick: A "rip",is a commission that's why we work here we make huge rips, a two dollar rip which is unheard of anywhere on Wall Street, which means we're walking away with two dollars of every share we sell, its real money and opportunity
Seth Davis: How does Michael afford that?
Chris Varick: Couldn't tell you
Seth Davis: Ok
Chris Varick: If his doing it, his making money from it, and the point is service your client right and he'll be back for more show him a three percentage return and he'll trust you to watch his kids for the weekend

Chris Varick: [Waiting outside Greg's house in Chris's Range Rover] Fucking guy's probably got more rooms than his ever been in
Seth Davis: I was wondering, do you ever wonder how we make the rips we do? That we make rips that pay out more than any other major firm?
Chris Varick: You're kidding me right? That's the wrong question to be asking, the only thing you should be worried about tonight is how you're going to get laid
Seth Davis: I'm serious, FCC regulations state that maximum rip allowed is five percent allowed and we're making four times that
Chris Varick: You just passed your Series Seven and now you're an inspector? Aren't you happy with the way things are going?
Seth Davis: Yeah I am, I'm just curious, you're not curious?
Chris Varick: Not at all, I like being a millionaire, you will too