Merv Green
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Merv Green (Character)
from Death to Smoochy (2002)

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Death to Smoochy (2002)
Tommy: Sometimes in this life, a man's gotta answer for his indiscretions!
[the scene transitions to when the mob had Merv Green tied to a chair]
Merv Green: It was a mistake! An honest mistake! I was just trying to help the children!
Tommy: Oh, so you like kids, eh?
Merv Green: Oh, sure!
Tommy: Oh, then I bet you know some fairy tales then.
Merv Green: Yeah!
Tommy: Hey, Danny, tell him the one about the worthless prick that gets his head chopped off with an axe!
Merv Green: [Danny pulls out an axe and approaches him] No! No! NOOOOOOOOO!
[You see a shadow of Danny lowering the axe at Merv Green and transitions back to now where Sheldon looks horrified]
Sheldon: I don't think I feel so good about this all of a sudden, Tommy.
Danny: Then we took his head and played a little...
Sheldon: Okay, that's... way more information than I'd like to have at this point, thanks.