Buggy Ding Dong
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Buggy Ding Dong (Character)
from Death to Smoochy (2002)

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Death to Smoochy (2002)
Buggy Ding Dong: [when falling to his death] I never saw Venice.

Buggy Ding Dong: Hey, sorry I'm late. I fell asleep at the bus station. Scuse if I smell like piss. You know how it is.
Marion Frank Stokes: God help us.

Buggy Ding Dong: Buggy Ding Dong will rise up from his ashes like a magnificent Phoenix! Or some other town in Arizona!

Angelo Pike: Buggy!
Buggy Ding Dong: Angelo!
Angelo Pike: I thought you cleaned up.
Buggy Ding Dong: Sure I cleaned up... half the poppies in Asia!

Buggy Ding Dong: I always had the hots for you. Wanna see my buggy bumper?

Buggy Ding Dong: [as the crowd is chanting "Goodbye Moochie"] Goodbye Smoochy
[fires his sniper rifle]

Randolph: [fighting over the sniper rifle] You shot the rhino you fuck
Buggy Ding Dong: Randolph? Let go of me!
Randolph: Give me that gun... BUGGY
Buggy Ding Dong: No I've got to kill the rhino