Everett Stone
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Everett Stone (Character)
from The Family Stone (2005)

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The Family Stone (2005)
Ben Stone: I'd want a little black baby.
Everett Stone: You already have a little black baby.
Ben Stone: Can ya dig it!

Meredith Morton: I slept with your brother.
Everett Stone: You slept with who?
Thad Stone: Do not look at me!

Ben Stone: So, uh, where's dad?
Sybil Stone: He ran away. Joined the circus
Everett Stone: Better circus.
Patrick Thomas: Yeah. Less clowns.

Sybil Stone: [Everett is in the kitchen having coffee, Sybil put the ring down next to him] Merry Christmas.
Sybil Stone: [Everett is silent] Don't be a jerk. I said Merry Christmas.
Everett Stone: Dad put you up to this.
Sybil Stone: I think you and I need to get something straight.
Everett Stone: [scoffs] Here we go.
Sybil Stone: [Kelly has just walked in] Not now, Kelly.
Kelly Stone: [hesitant] All right, OK.
Sybil Stone: Jesus, Kelly! Not now.
Kelly Stone: OK... all right. Hey Everett.
Sybil Stone: [Everett nods towards Kelly while Sybil takes a stool and talks to Everett] You've had a charmed life, kid.
[Everett scoffs]
Sybil Stone: I blame myself.
Everett Stone: Mom... you've never made anybody's life easier.
Sybil Stone: [laughing] What the hell do you know about it?
Everett Stone: Oh, I know a little.
Sybil Stone: [stops laughing] I'm sick, honey.
[Everett slowly shakes his head]
Sybil Stone: And you can't fix it. Not even by getting married.
Everett Stone: [Everett begins to cry, Sybil opens her arms to comfort him] Mom...
Sybil Stone: [chuckles] What?
[embraces him briefly, then they separate]
Sybil Stone: Hey, I know this is probably a tall order, but I need you to do me a favor, and try not to be so perfect.
Sybil Stone: All right?
Everett Stone: [mumbles, still crying] I'm far from perfect.
Sybil Stone: I hate to see you miss out on something... because you have this picture in your mind or you thought you can change something you can't. I'd hate to see you not find what you really want. Oh, but Everett... it's your ring... it's your decision.