Phil Last
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Phil Last (Character)
from The Good Girl (2002)

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The Good Girl (2002)
Justine: Gwen says smoking marijuana lowers your sperm.
Phil Last: Lowers it to where?
Justine: Maybe you're the infertile one around here. Maybe every time you smoke a little doobie, you're killing our unborn children.

Phil Last: I don't know what to say about Jesus... I'm stoned.
Justine: Just let the other people do the talking.

Justine: Oh, who gives a shit! Who needs a fucken baby anyway, you wanna make your self useful around here, why dont you get that goddamn tv fixed?
Phil Last: What the hell?
Justine: It sounds like a helicopter is landing in here!

Justine: Couple that prays together, stays together.
Phil Last: I heard it was the couple that lays together, stays together.
Justine: Well, you've heard wrong.