Mrs. Peacock
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Mrs. Peacock (Character)
from Clue (1985)

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Clue (1985)
Mrs. Peacock: Uh, is there a little girl's room in the hall?
Yvette: Oui oui, Madame.
Mrs. Peacock: No, I just wanna powder my nose.

Mrs. Peacock: Well, someone's got to break the ice, and it might as well be me. I mean, I'm used to being a hostess, it's part of my husband's work. And it's always difficult when a group of new friends meet together for the first time, to get acquainted. So I'm perfectly prepared to start the ball rolling. I mean, I-I have absolutely no idea what we're doing here. Or what I'm doing here, or what this place is about, but I am determined to enjoy myself. And I'm very intrigued, and, oh my, this soup's delicious, isn't it?

Mrs. Peacock: So, what do you do in Washington D.C., Mr. Green? Come on! What do you do? I mean, how are we to get acquainted if we don't say anything about ourselves.
Miss Scarlet: Perhaps he doesn't wanna get acquainted with you.
Mrs. Peacock: Well, I'm sure I don't know. But if I wasn't trying to keep the conversation going, then we would just be sitting here in an embarrassed silence.
Professor Plum: Are you afraid of silence, Mrs. Peacock?
Mrs. Peacock: Yes-What? No! Why?
Professor Plum: Well, it just seems to me that you are. You seem to suffer from what we call "Pressure of Speech".
Miss Scarlet: "We"? Who's we? Are you a shrink?
Professor Plum: I do know a little bit about psychological medicine, yes.

Mrs. Peacock: What are you all staring at?
Mr. Green: Nothing.
Mrs. Peacock: Well who's there?
Colonel Mustard: Nobody.
Mrs. Peacock: What do you mean?
Wadsworth: Nobody. No body, that's what we mean. Mr. Boddy's body, it's gone.
Mrs. White: Maybe he wasn't dead.
Professor Plum: He was!
Mrs. White: We should've made sure.
Mrs. Peacock: How?
Mrs. Peacock: By cutting his head off, I suppose.
Mrs. White: That was uncalled for!

Wadsworth: Ladies and gentlemen, you all have one thing in common: you're all being blackmailed. For some considerable time, all of you have been paying what you can afford, and in some cases more than you can afford, to someone who threatens to expose you. And none of you know who's blackmailing you. Do you?
Mrs. Peacock: [nervously smoking] Oh, please! I've never heard anything so ridiculous. I mean, nobody could blackmail me. My life is an open book. I've never done anything wrong.
Wadsworth: [short pause] Anybody else wish to deny it?

Mrs. Peacock: Take your hands off me! I'm a senator's wife!

Mrs. White: You say you are used to being a hostess as part of your husband's work?
Mrs. Peacock: Yes, it's an integral part of your life when you are the wife of a... Oh, but then I forgot, we're not supposed to say who we really are, though, heavens to Betsy, I don't know why.
Colonel Mustard: Don't you?
Mr. Green: I know who you are.
Miss Scarlet: Aren't you gonna tell us?
Mrs. Peacock: How do you know who I am?
Mr. Green: I work in Washington, too.
Professor Plum: Washington? So you're a politician's wife?
Mrs. Peacock: Yes, I-I am.
Colonel Mustard: Well, come on then, who's your husband?

Mrs. Peacock: This is one of my favorite recipes.
Wadsworth: I know, Madam.

Colonel Mustard: This is war, Peacock. Casualties are inevitable. You can not make an omelet without breaking eggs, every cook will tell you that.
Mrs. Peacock: But look what happened to the cook!

Professor Plum: What are you afraid of, a fate worse than death?
Mrs. Peacock: No, just death, isn't that enough?

[doorbell rings during 'events of the evening']
Mrs. Peacock: Oh, who ever it is, they gotta go away or they'll be killed.

Mrs. White: [Smashes glass on fireplace] PLEASE! Don't you think we should get that man out of the house before he finds out what's been going on here!
[Drops thre rest of the glass with a crash]
Miss Scarlet: Yeah!
Professor Plum: How can we throw him outside in this weather?
Miss Scarlet: If we let him stay in the house, he may get suspicious!
Professor Plum: If we throw him out, he may get even more suspicious!
Colonel Mustard: If I were him, I'd be suspicious already!
Mrs. Peacock: [hysterical] Oh, who cares? That guy doesn't matter! Let him stay locked up for another half an hour. The police will be here by then... and there are two dead bodies in the study!
All: Shhhhhhhhhhh!

Mrs. Peacock: [fanning herself] Oh, my God.
Wadsworth: She's going to faint.
Professor Plum: Somebody catch her!
[Wadsworth goes behind Mrs. Peacock and encircles her with his arms]
Wadsworth: I'll catch you. Fall into my arms.
[Mrs. Peacock falls straight through Wadsworth's arms and onto the floor]
Wadsworth: Sorry.

The Chief: Good evening. Have you ever given any thought to the kingdom of heaven?
Mrs. Peacock: What?
The Chief: Repent. The kingdom of heaven *is* at hand.
Miss Scarlet: You ain't just whistlin' Dixie.
The Chief: Armageddon is almost upon us.
Professor Plum: I got news for you - it's already here.
Mrs. Peacock: Go away.
The Chief: But your souls are in danger.
Mrs. Peacock: Our lives our in danger, you beatnik.

Mrs. Peacock: So, what does your husband do?
Mrs. White: [quickly] Nothing!
Mrs. Peacock: Nothing?
Mrs. White: Well, he just lies around on his back all day.
Miss Scarlet: Sounds like hard work to me.

Mrs. Peacock: [to the furnace] Argh. Don't you touch me!

Professor Plum: Well, I'm gonna start while it's still hot.
Mrs. Peacock: Oh, now, shouldn't we wait for the other guest?
Yvette: I will keep something warm for him.
Miss Scarlet: What did you have in mind, dear?

Wadsworth: Why should the police come? Nobody's called them.
Mrs. Peacock: You mean... oh my God, of course!

Miss Scarlet: Why?
Wadsworth: To create confusion.
Mrs. Peacock: It worked!

Colonel Mustard: Just checking.
Mrs. Peacock: Everything all right?
Colonel Mustard: Yep. Two corpses. Everything's fine.

Miss Scarlet: What about that motorist? What kind of information did he have?
Colonel Mustard: He was my driver during the war.
Wadsworth: And what was he holding over you?
Colonel Mustard: He knew that I was a war profiteer. I stole essential Air Force radio parts, and I sold them on the black market. That is how I made all my money. But that does not make me a murderer!
Mrs. Peacock: Well, a lot of our airmen died, because their radios didn't work.

Professor Plum: [Mr. Boddy is apparently dead after Mrs. Peacock has turned the lights back on. Professor Plum is knelt down to check if Mr. Boddy is alive] Stand back! Give him air! Let me see.
[Professor Plum checks for a pulse or any sign of breathing]
Professor Plum: He's dead!
Mrs. White: Who had the gun?
Professor Plum: I did.
Mrs. Peacock: Then you shot him.
Professor Plum: I didn't!
Mrs. Peacock: Well, you had the gun; if you didn't shoot him, who did?
Professor Plum: [Professor Plum flips Mr. Boddy over] Nobody! Look, there's no gunshot wound. Somebody tried to grab the gun from me in the dark and the gun went off.
[Professor Plum points to the wall]
Professor Plum: Look, the bullet broke that vase on the mantle.
Colonel Mustard: [the group begins rushing to the spot where the bullet hit and Colonel Mustard bumps into Professor Plum] I'm sorry, excuse me. He's absolutely right. Look, there's a bullet hole here in the wall, see that?
Mr. Green: [In a demanding tone] How did he die?
Professor Plum: [In an aggravated tone] I don't know! I'm not a forensic expert.

Wadsworth: [Walking about the room, collecting all of the weapons] Look, we still have all of these weapons. The gun, the rope, the wrench, the lead pipe. Let's put them all in this cupboard and lock it.
[Picking up the weapons and locking them in the cupboard]
Wadsworth: There's a homicidal maniac about.
[Everyone agrees. Wadsworth puts the key in his pocket]
Mr. Green: What are you doing with the key?
Wadsworth: Putting it in my pocket.
Mr. Green: Why?
Wadsworth: Well, to keep it safe, obviously.
Mrs. Peacock: That means you can open it whenever you want.
Wadsworth: But it also means that you can't.
Mrs. Peacock: Well, what if you're the murderer?
Wadsworth: I'm not.
Colonel Mustard: But what if you are?
Wadsworth: Well, it's got to be put somewhere. If I've got it, I know I'm safe.
Mrs. Peacock: [Expressively; Mrs. Peacock is waving her hand rapidly back and forth, lightly hitting Mrs. White's chest accidentally. Mrs. White reacts with a startled look] We don't know that we are!
[Mrs. Peacock's leaf hat falls off as she gets frustrated with it]
Wadsworth: I've an idea. We'll throw it away.
Colonel Mustard: Good idea!
Mr. Green: Good idea!
Yvette: Wonderful!
Miss Scarlet: Brilliant!
Professor Plum: That'll do it!

Wadsworth: [Wadsworth has just returned inside after throwing the key to the cupboard away] Well, what now?
Mrs. White: Wadsworth, let me out.
Wadsworth: No.
Mrs. White: Why not?
Wadsworth: We've gotta know who did it. We're all in this together now.
Mrs. Peacock: If you leave, I'll say that you killed them both.
Miss Scarlet: Me too.
Mr. Green: Me too.
Colonel Mustard: Me too.
Mrs. White: [Suddenly becoming mysteriously flirtatious] Oh, Wadsworth, I'll make you sorry you ever started this.
[She grabs hold of Wadsworth's tie, rubbing his chest]
Mrs. White: One day, when we're alone together...
Wadsworth: Mrs. White, no man in his right mind would be alone together with you.
Mrs. White: [Letting go of Wadsworth] Oh.

"Cluedo: The Bolivian Connection (#2.6)" (1991)
Col. Mustard: But I love you! Does that count for nothing?
Mrs. Peacock: It's not enough for me, Mike. There are richer fish in the sea, and I intend to catch one.
Col. Mustard: [Col. Mustard grabs Mrs. Peacock] Elizabeth! You can't mean that.
Mrs. Peacock: Look, don't be so ridiculous. The only reason you ever loved me was for my wealth. I'm afraid it's all over between us, Mike. Of course you could reapply... when you're rich.

[Mrs. Peacock and Colonel Mustard's wedding ceremony]
Rev. Green: Therefore, if any man can show any just cause, why they may not lawfully be joined together, let him now speak, or else here after, forever hold his peace.
Jack Peacock: [Stands up] This whole thing's a farce!
Mrs. Peacock: Jack!
[runs away from the isle]
Mrs. Peacock: Oh my God, nooo!

Clue (1994) (VG)
[from the "Blackmail" case]
Colonel Mike Mustard: I can't tell you any more. Boddy's going ahead no matter what happens, no matter who gets hurt.
Mrs. Elizabeth Peacock: For goodness' sake, Michael, this isn't you, skulking about like a common criminal. Tell me what you know!
Colonel Mike Mustard: Pull out of the Brewery deal now. I know it's going to fail, and so does Boddy.
Mrs. Elizabeth Peacock: But he's already had my banker's draft. Are you mixed up with him in this, is that how you know...?
Colonel Mike Mustard: No, I'm not - but I've been warned and I'm waiting for confirmation. Please... don't ask me any more.
[gets up to leave]
Mrs. Elizabeth Peacock: He's blackmailing you, isn't he? That's why you can't talk!
Colonel Mike Mustard: If Boddy goes ahead with this investment, you will lose your money. All of it. And I have far, far more to lose, believe me.

Mrs. Elizabeth Peacock: There is, ah... certain information that is not available to you, Miss Scarlet...
Miss Vivienne Scarlet: About me and Michael? You know nothing! Do you hear me? Nothing!
[throws a candlestick at a plate, smashing it, as she leaves]

"Cluedo: The Word, the Flesh and the Devil (#4.3)" (1993)
Mrs. Peacock: [during cross examination] I simply went upstairs. I was bored by the whole evening, it hadn't really gone as I'd planned. I put on a great deal of face cream, I found I couldn't open my mouth and I went back to sleep.

"Cluedo: Deadly Disco (#1.2)" (1990)
Miss Scarlett: I had an affair with Mr. Hall...
[the others make noises of disgust]
Mrs. Peacock: Oh, not another one.
Proffessor Plum: Is there anyone that you haven't had an affair with?
Miss Scarlett: You! And I wouldn't dream of it, either!

"Cluedo: Countdown (#1.1)" (1990)
Mrs. Elizabeth Peacock: [her confession] I'm glad I killed him. He deserved to die. Yesterday, I was on top of the world. I thought a wonderful man was in love with me. We were to be married; I was going to become a countess. Then... between one moment and the next, my life was shattered. I heard Blanche talking to somebody in the dining room. The voice sounded familiar but... He went into his act. It was all I could do to keep control of myself, but I had to act as if I hadn't seen through him. So I had to be cruel to Blanche. It was the only way I could keep up the pretence. Later, I sneaked back into the dining room and poured poison into the brandy. The only person apart from him who was likely to drink it was me and I didn't intend to. It was so easy to send him to his death. He was so cheap. Luxuries like the vintage armagnac were irrestible. I should have known in the way he was greedy with expensive things. I should have known. How could I have fallen for him when Mike was around?

"Cluedo: And Then There Were Nuns (#3.5)" (1992)
[regarding Sister Concepta and the mansion]
Mrs. Peacock: All that I own, all that I've built up, taken away from me by this... Penguin!

"Cluedo: Christmas Past, Christmas Present (#1.7)" (1990)
[Mrs. White is heard screaming in the background]
Mrs. Peacock: What on earth?
[Mrs. White enters, hysterical]
Mrs. White: He-He's dead!
Col. Mustard: Forrest?
Mrs. White: No! No!
Mrs. Peacock: Not Mr. Forrest? Then who?
Mrs. White: His chauffeur! K-Ken! Ken's lying on the floor! And he's dead! Aaaahhh!

"Cluedo: Going, Going, Goner (#1.4)" (1990)
Mrs. Peacock: [touching Reverend Green on his arm] We came together over the church roof many years ago.