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Quotes for
Guild (Character)
from The Thin Man (1934)

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The Thin Man (1934)
Lieutenant John Guild: You got a pistol permit?
Nick Charles: No.
Lieutenant John Guild: Ever heard of the Sullivan Act?
Nora Charles: Oh, that's all right, we're married.

Nick Charles: Say, how did you people happen to pop in here?
Lieutenant John Guild: We hear this is getting to be sort of a meeting place for the Wynant family, so we figured we'll stick around just in case the old boy himself should show up. Then we see this bird sneak in, we decide to come up. And lucky for you we did!
Nick Charles: Yes, I might not have been shot.

Gil: Could I come down and see the body? I've never seen a dead body.
Lieutenant John Guild: Why do you want to?
Gil: Well, I've been studying psychopathic criminology and I have a theory. Perhaps this was the work of a sadist or a paranoiac. If I saw it I might be able to tell.
Lieutenant John Guild: Yeah, that's a good idea. But don't you bother to come down - we'll bring the body right up to you.

[Nick has revived Nora after knocking her out to keep her from being accidentally shot by Joe Morelli]
Nora Charles: You darn fool! You didn't have to knock me out. I knew you'd take him, but I wanted to see you do it.
Lieutenant John Guild: [laughs] There's a girl with hair on her chest.

Lieutenant John Guild: [Examining the over-sized clothes of a recently-discovered corpse] He must've weighed 250 pounds if he weighed an ounce.
Dr. Walton: [Handing Guild a cane] Here's something.
Lieutenant John Guild: Hmmm. Rubber tip. He must have been lame.
Dr. Walton: Who wouldn't be, carrying all that weight around?