Cyril Kinnear
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Cyril Kinnear (Character)
from Get Carter (1971)

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Get Carter (2000)
Jeremy Kinnear: [on the phone] Damn right that I'm freaking out. I'm a fucking Harvard graduate, I do not do porn!

Jeremy Kinnear: [to Jack] You know why I like golf, Mr. Carter? 'Cause the ball just keeps going away. The only sport where you hit that little sucker and it doesn't come back at you. I've gotta want to go after it and get it and when I get to it... I just knock it away again. You see what I'm saying, Mr. Carter? Once I get rid of it, I never wanna see it again.

Jeremy Kinnear: Please slow down, you gonna kill us!
Jack Carter: That's the point, Jeremy.
Jeremy Kinnear: [starting to panic] OK. OK, you want money? You want money, just name your price. I have more money than God!
Jack Carter: You need a drink.

[Jack Carter comes on the golf field, steps on the ball and rolls it into hole]
Jack Carter: Nice stroke.
Jeremy Kinnear: Who the fuck are you?
Jack Carter: Tiger Woods.

[Jack Carter comes with Geraldine in Jeremy Kinnear's office and sees his bodyguard Jimmy]
Jeremy Kinnear: Oh, don't worry about Jimmy. He's... He's more here for decoration.

Jack Carter: So, what's your name?
Jeremy Kinnear: Jeremy Kinnear. Maybe you've read about me in "Forbes".
Jack Carter: No, I don't do that, Jeremy. So, what do you telling me, you're bucks up?

Jeremy Kinnear: You've been a pretty bad guy Mr. Carter.
Jack Carter: You haven't seen bad yet.

Jack Carter: I'm going to give you a second chance. Please don't make me come back.
Jeremy Kinnear: No, I won't Mr. Carter. Thank you.