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Quotes for
Col (Character)
from The Crying Game (1992)

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The Crying Game (1992)
Dil: He's still looking, Col.
Col: Persistent.
Dil: Good thing in a man.
Col: An excellent quality.
Dil: Maybe he wants something.
Col: I expect he does.
Dil: Ask him!
Col: Ask him yourself!

Col: You could always make it up to her. When a girl runs out like that, she generally wants to be followed.
Fergus: She's not a girl, Col.
Col: Whatever you say.

Fergus: So who's he?
Col: He's what she should run a mile away from.
Fergus: Then why doesn't she?
Col: Who knows the secrets of the human heart?

Col: So I see you're a regular, sir.
Fergus: Is that good or bad?

Col: Came to see *her* didn't you. Listen, there's something I should tell you. She's, uh...
Fergus: She's what?
[audience applauds as Dil takes the stage]
Col: She's on!