Jan Valek
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Jan Valek (Character)
from Vampires (1998)

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Vampires (1998)
Valek: Isn't it beautiful? Something you'll never forget? I know I won't.

Jack Crow: What the fuck do you want from me, Valek?
Valek: Oh, you hate me so, don't ya? But you made me, Crusader. You hate what you made. You fear it because it is superior to you.
[grabs Jack's chin]
Valek: For six hundred years, I've fed on your kind at will!
[Attempts to bite Jack but slowly refuses]
Valek: [whispers] No.
Jack Crow: Why don't you just kill me and get it over with?
Cardinal Alba: Because you are needed, Jack. The ceremony is a re-enactment of the original exorcism. It requires the blood of a crusader and his crucifixion upon a burning cross. The climax of the ceremony must coincide with the first rays of the rising sun. Sorry, Jack.

Valek: You can't kill me.

[Jack Crow, having been beaten up by Valek, awakens to find himself strangled and tied to the front of his truck; Cardinal Alba appears, having turned to the dark side]
Cardinal Alba: Hello, Jack.
Cardinal Alba: From your expression, I assume you couldn't understand my presence here. I'm sorry to disillusion you, Jack. As one grows old, as death approaches, we begin to question... our fate. And I found mine lacking. "Is there a god? Is there a heaven?" I can no longer answer this for certain. I've witnessed no miracles, had no visions, and the prospect of death terrifies me. I've realized I've only one... alternative, and I made a bargain. With the devil if you wish.
Jack Crow: You are truly a pile of dog shit, Cardinal.
Cardinal Alba: Yeah, that's right.
Cardinal Alba: That's correct, Jack and I can live with that. After I have given what Valek wants, he will fulfill our bargain. And I will be transformed into one of his... new children. It's beautiful, isn't it?
[Jack spits at the Cardinal's face]
Cardinal Alba: Eternal Life... Imortality... can change your heart.
Jack Crow: Valek...
[Valek looks at Jack]
Jack Crow: ... why don't you prove you can kick my ass? Come on, untie me. Come on. Fuckin' pole smokin' fashion victim. Come on over here.
Valek: Jack...
Jack Crow: Come on. Five minutes, then you can bite my ass a little. Would you like that, see me all tied up, huh?
Valek: What will silence you?
Jack Crow: Come on. Untie me, you prick!
Valek: Perhaps this will help.
[Katrina, now a legion of the undead and one of Valek's newest children, appears and laughs evily after finally feeding on Montoya]
Valek: Apparently your friend is one of my children now.
[Jack scoffs]
Valek: You are alone, crusader.

[Just as Cardinal Alba is about to complete the ceremony by burning Jack at the stake, Father Guiteau shoots Alba in the back with a shotgun, killing him in the process. Valek, his followers, and Katrina growl and hiss]
Jack Crow: [shocked] Padre!
[Valek growls]
Father Adam Guiteau: [yells] Now, what are you gonna do, Valek? You've got nobody to complete your ritual! The sun's starting to rise!
Valek: You... will finish the ritual.
Father Adam Guiteau: [holds the shotgun to his head] Try to make me.
Jack Crow: Attaboy, Padre. Fuck with him!
[to Valek]
Jack Crow: Hey, Valek, you're shit outta luck, pal. Give it up!
[Valek grabs a burning torch and attempts to set Jack on fire. Guiteau removes the shotgun from his forehead]
Valek: Finish it.
Father Adam Guiteau: No.
Valek: [yells] Finish it!
Father Adam Guiteau: [screams] NO!
[Valek moves the torch closer to Jack's crotch]
Jack Crow: [groans] Come on, Padre. My nuts are on fire here!

[Valek has beaten up Jack very badly as Montoya & Katrina escape the vampires and Father Guiteau hides in the local bar]
Valek: [grabs Jack's head; growls] Your war is over, Crusader.