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Quotes for
Bodie (Character)
from Death Sentence (2007)

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Death Sentence (2007)
Billy Darly: Will somebody fucking tell me what the fuck is going on?
Bodie: You hear? Joe, dude. Somebody stuck him. He's dead.
Billy Darly: What? You're lying.
Bodie: He's gone.

Bodie: Joe just wasn't made for this shit, that's all. He wasn't like us.
Billy Darly: No, wasn't like you, you mean. He was not like you. He was better than you!
Bodie: We as good as brothers since we was kids, and you fucking go this way. What, I'm not as good as you know? Joe was like blood to me, dawg. As good as fucking blood. You too.

Bodie: Where's Joe?
Billy Darly: He's a man now. He can take the subway!

Bodie: Nice office, motherfucker.
Nicholas "Nick" Hume: What the hell do you want?
[hands Nick a wrapped package]
Bodie: That's the gift of freedom, baby.
Armed Guard: Sir, should we escort the person out? Sir?
Bodie: Free from wondering how you gonna die now. You're free from wondering if you're gonna die alone, you hear?
Armed Guard: [to guards] Get him out of here.
Bodie: 'Cause you'll get joy and grace all over... when you finally meet your maker.