Detective Wallis
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Detective Wallis (Character)
from Death Sentence (2007)

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Death Sentence (2007)
[last lines]
Detective Wallis: Your son. He started moving. I think he's going to pull through.

Detective Wallis: The guy we thought killed your son; somebody killed him.
Nicholas "Nick" Hume: [trying to act normal] Oh. What was that, some kind of gang thing?
Detective Wallis: We think so. Thought you'd like to know. If he was the guy, I mean.

Detective Wallis: [to Nick] This thing stops right now. God knows why you're still alive. But you're being given a second chance. You think that officer's out there protecting you? He's protecting you from yourself. He'll haul your ass right to jail if I say so. You want your retribution and you kill a couple of punks, and it brought you what? Huh? Everybody think's they're right in a war. Everybody still dies in the end. You are never going to win this, Mr. Hume. Nobody is.

Nicholas "Nick" Hume: It was never gonna balance.
Detective Wallis: What did you say?
Nicholas "Nick" Hume: The equation. Sometimes it's... just chaos. That's all there is.

Michael Barring: Today's easy. I need you to sit there, put the fear of god in this guy. If the judge asks you, you tell him what you told us and identify Darley in court. Okay? The minute I get your statement, and with you sitting right there, the public defender's going to wet his pants and fold. I'll make a deal in five minutes, get this guy in jail today. Easy peasy.
Nicholas "Nick" Hume: Deal? Wait, wait. Hang on - what do you mean? What deal? I want this guy to go away for the rest of his life.
Michael Barring: No. I can get you three to five guaranteed. That's a very decent result. I'm talking guaranteed time. Not maybe, not the jury didn't feel up to it. That's worth more than chasing some make-believe ten to life, and the guy walks free. You want that?
Nicholas "Nick" Hume: He killed my son.
Michael Barring: Mr. Hume, I've got one eyewitness - you. That's nice, but do you know how many cases with one witness I don't even bother to try for a deal on? The machete magically disappeared. The only blood we could find on that weasel was his own from when the car clipped him. And you picked the only gas station in America without a working surveillance camera. We've just got your word. That's not bad, if I can scare the guy into a deal.
Nicholas "Nick" Hume: You're using my son's death like some kind of card trick.
Michael Barring: Look - I get a banger off the street. A year or so, somebody does my job for me. He doesn't get out of there alive - fine with me. He finds Jesus - fine with me. But we get religion and go to trial - as much as I'd love to - and the defense starts working on "when was your last eye exam?" and "what do you have against inner city youth?" And how unfair it is for them to grow up so violent. How they're forced into initiation killings or face execution themselves. Do you want a jury feeling sorry for this fucker? Huh?
Nicholas "Nick" Hume: Wait. You said initiation killing. I thought this was a robbery.
Detective Wallis: It only looked like one. It was an initiation. You kill someone at random to get made in a gang. It's the price of admission.
Nicholas "Nick" Hume: Are you saying that Brendan was killed so that some asshole could feel more like a man? So that he could be in some club?
Michael Barring: This is a take it or leave it thing, I'm sorry to say.