Bones Darley
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Bones Darley (Character)
from Death Sentence (2007)

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Death Sentence (2007)
Bones Darly: Well, what are we fucking up tonight son?
Billy Darly: What the fuck do you want now?
Bones Darly: Well it looks like you're in a fucking hurry. Do you know how much I gotta wipe your fucking nose? I gotta get some fortune 500 faggot off my back by telling him that he can fucking have you. Do you think I enjoy that? What you don't get is that I care about what happens to you, because it can fucking hurt me. Now do you need any more fucking instructions?
[Billy shoots Bones through the eye]
Billy Darly: No thanks, dad. I'm taking the car.

Bones Darly: Help you?
Nicholas "Nick" Hume: I need guns.
Bones Darly: I don't know you.
Nicholas "Nick" Hume: I came from the Four Roses.
Bones Darly: I'm gonna guess. You're a little far from home.
[Nick shows Bones a backpack full of money]
Bones Darly: [changing his tone] Well, don't let me smell fear on you. Fear is for the enemy. Fear and bullets. Lost of fucking bullets.

[after displaying guns for Nick]
Bones Darly: Any one of these is bound to make you feel better about what's bothering you.

Bones Darly: [after Nick chooses his guns] That's three fucking grand worth of killing. You got three grand worth of killing to do?
Nicholas "Nick" Hume: [throwing down bundles of money] There's five.
Bones Darly: Well, that makes you a preferred customer.

Bones Darly: [cocking a pistol] You the motherfucker after my son Billy?
Nicholas "Nick" Hume: [shocked] He's your son?
Bones Darly: That'd make you the motherfucker who killed Joe. That right? You killed my youngest? Now you're after Billy, yeah?
Nicholas "Nick" Hume: Yeah. I'm after him.
Bones Darly: Well, Billy's no damn doing of mine. Anything he didn't no damn doing of mine. So, somebody needs to make somebody pay for something to make themselves feel better. Billy'd be the one to pay. Kill the little piss-pants. See if it makes a damn day's difference to me. Dad to dad, don't tell me about it. Just... go do it. Lord knows I've been patient, and you're a cash fucking customer. But you think about asking me where Billy is... I'll kill ya. Go your way now.
[Nick starts to leave]
Bones Darly: Go with God... And a bag full of guns.

Bones Darly: Yes. You can get the fuck out of my sight now.