Patrolman Kelton
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Patrolman Kelton (Character)
from Plan 9 from Outer Space (1959)

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Plan 9 from Outer Space (1959)
Patrolman Kelton: ...From all I've seen tonight, guns won't do any good. Clay's dead, and we buried him. How are we gonna kill someone who's already dead? *Dead*! And yet there he stands!

Inspector Clay: [looking at the two dead gravediggers] Who found 'em?
Patrolman Kelton: The boy and girl over there, Daniel.
Inspector Clay: Medical examiner been around yet?
Patrolman Kelton: Just left. The morgue wagon should be around another minute.
Inspector Clay: You get their statement?
Patrolman Kelton: Yeah, as much as we could. They're pretty scared.
Inspector Clay: Finding dead men like this ought make anyone frighented.
[to Lt. Harper]
Inspector Clay: Have Kelton take the boy and girl back to town. You take charge.
Lieutenant John Harper: Okay, Inspector. What are you going to do?
Inspector Clay: Look around a little.
Lieutenant John Harper: It's pretty dark out there. Once you get beyond the range of those lights, you woun't be able to see your hand in front of your face.
Inspector Clay: I'll get a flashlight from one of the patrol cars.
Lieutenant John Harper: All right, but be careful out there.
Inspector Clay: I'm a big boy now, Johnny.

Lieutenant John Harper: Kelton, Get down there and check it out?
Patrolman Kelton: Well, how do I do that sir?
Lieutenant John Harper: By going down there and checking it out!
Patrolman Kelton: Aww, why do I always get the spook details?

Night of the Ghouls (1959)
Capt. Robbins: Kelton!
Patrolman Paul Kelton: Uh, yes sir?
Capt. Robbins: Where's Bradford?
Patrolman Paul Kelton: I got a hold of him, Inspector Robbins, but he isn't here!
Capt. Robbins: I'm not blind! I can see he's not here! But when he does get here, send him in here!

Patrolman Paul Kelton: Monsters! Space people! Mad doctors! They didn't teach me about such things in the police academy! And yet that's all I've been assigned to since I became on active duty! Why do I always get picked for these screwy details all the time? I resign.
Capt. Robbins: Kelton, so help me, if you don't get the hell outta here-...
Patrolman Paul Kelton: You're all against me. The whole police force is against me! The whole CITY is against me! I resign!

Patrolman Paul Kelton: Let everyone stay where they are! You're all under arrest! I don't know what this is all about or what you're all doing here, but I'm gonna hold you right here until someone tells me where Lieutenant Bradford is.