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Patrick (Character)
from Saved! (2004)

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Saved! (2004)
Pastor Skip: Patrick, this is not a gray area.
Patrick: Dad, it's all a gray area.

Patrick: Mary, you want to go out sometime?
Mary: What? Are you going to take me out on your "scooter"?
Patrick: Come on, I'm like, totally adorable, besides, it would drive Hilary Faye crazy.
Mary: I can't. I'm... not dating right now.
Patrick: What about tomorrow night? Will you be dating then?

Paramedic: I only got room for one of you.
Dean: I'm the father...
Patrick: I'm the boyfriend...
Mitch: [points to Dean] I'm HIS boyfriend.
Paramedic: That's nice, but I still only got room for one of you.

Mary: What? Did they send you over so you could strap me onto the back of your scooter?
Patrick: "Scooter"? Mary, this is a Vespa.

Patrick: I like you, Mary. I do. God gave us free will, and that day at Hilary Faye's, you weren't afraid to use it. You inspired me. You amaze me, Mary.

Pastor Skip: [after Patrick suggests his parents should have divorced] Because divorce is not part of God's plan.
Patrick: Dad, you need to think of a new plan.

[during the school assembly, Cassandra stands up and begins yelling in Spanish]
Tia: [thinking] Oh my god, the Jew girl's speaking in tongues!
[Cassandra rips open her shirt]
Roland: She's going to show her boobs! Thank you Jesus!
Patrick: [thinking] She is, she's going to show her boobs!
[looking horrified, Hilary Faye stands up at the podium]
Hilary Faye: She's saying she has a hot pussy!
[the word "pussy" is bleeped out by microphone feedback]

Patrick: [about her corsage] I bought both red and yellow, because I didn't know... which...
Mary: But Patrick -
[gestures to her pregnant belly]
Patrick: Mary? Honestly? It doesn't matter to me.

Hilary Faye: Want to get something to eat with us?
Patrick: We're going to DQ.
Cassandra: Why? So we can watch Hilary Faye try to get into your Easter basket? No thanks.

Patrick: Come here. Sorry
[as he walks in front of people]
Mary: What are you doing, Patrick?
Patrick: I just wanna see what's in here.
Mary: But...
Patrick: No, no, come on.
Mary: No! We're not allowed...
Patrick: Just for a second.
Mary: I don't think we should be in here.
Patrick: Yes, yes we should definitely be in here.
Mary: No.