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Quotes for
Tia (Character)
from Saved! (2004)

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Saved! (2004)
Tia: Sorry about Dean's faggotry.

Hilary Faye: Tia, calm down!

[during the school assembly, Cassandra stands up and begins yelling in Spanish]
Tia: [thinking] Oh my god, the Jew girl's speaking in tongues!
[Cassandra rips open her shirt]
Roland: She's going to show her boobs! Thank you Jesus!
Patrick: [thinking] She is, she's going to show her boobs!
[looking horrified, Hilary Faye stands up at the podium]
Hilary Faye: She's saying she has a hot pussy!
[the word "pussy" is bleeped out by microphone feedback]

Hilary Faye: I knew Mary was hiding something. The thought of her humping that pervert... I still can't believe Roland never showed up.
Veronica: I can't believe your brother called you the "c" word.
Tia: I can't believe we have to go to Prom in this van.
Hilary Faye: Look, when I tried to pay for my hair, my credit card was mysteriously maxed out and the limo driver wouldn't take a personal check. Get off my back.
Tia: [pause] It's bad enough we don't even have dates.

Pastor Skip: [to the Christian Jewels] Listen, I'm concerned about Mary. Something's going on.
Hilary Faye: Yeah, me too.
Pastor Skip: Well, she's part of your posse, and I think that you could help her. I'm gonna need you to be a warrior out there on the front lines for Jesus.
Tia: You mean like shoot her.
Pastor Skip: No, I was thinking of something a little less gangsta.

Tia: Stop being so stingy!
[eats chocolate]
Hilary Faye: What? They're my Valentine's day chocolates.
Tia: Hilary Faye, you bought them for yourself so it doesn't count.