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Quotes for
Rachel Wando (Character)
from Dante's Peak (1997)

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Dante's Peak (1997)
Rachel: A man who looks at a rock must have a lot on his mind.

[in the river]
Rachel: Harry, you see that car coming at us?
Harry Dalton: I see it.

Rachel: Do you have a family?
Harry Dalton: No.
Rachel: Why not?
Harry Dalton: Well, for one thing, I move around alot. Mexico, Alaska, South America, The Philippines, New Guinea, basically where there's a volcano with an attitude.

[Dante's Peak explodes a massive dark grey cloud]
Graham Wando: [terrified] What is that?
Rachel: [scared] Mum?
Rachel: [looks at Harry] What is that?
Harry Dalton: *That* is a pyroclastic cloud.

Graham Wando: Show us one more trick.
Lauren Wando: Maybe one more?
Rachel: Maybe Harry's tired.
Harry Dalton: [putting down his drink] One more.