Chris Flynn
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Chris Flynn (Character)
from Wrong Turn (2003/I)

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Wrong Turn (2003/I)
Chris: Thank you, take care.
Old Man: You're the one who's gonna need to take care.

Chris: Your phone isn't working sir, do you have another I could use?
Old Man: Long distance?
Chris: Uhm... what isn't long distance from here?
Old Man: You cuttin' wise with me, son?
Chris: No sir, it's just... I'm running behind and I really need to make a call.
Old Man: Well that there's my only phone.
Chris: Right. The highway's jammed up pretty bad, do you know of another route heading south?
Old Man: Nope.
Chris: [consults a map on the wall] Say, why's this Bear Mountain Road a dotted line?
Old Man: Dirt.
Chris: Dirt road?
Old Man: Bet they ain't even got around to paving it yet.
Chris: Looks like it runs into the highway about fifteen, twenty miles. Is that right?
Old Man: If you say so.
Chris: Thank you very much sir, you take care.
[Chris gets in his car, and drives off]
Old Man: You're the one who's gonna need to take care.

Jessie: Hey what's your name?
Chris: Chris Flynn
Jessie: You hurt Chris Flynn?
Chris: No I'm fine,
Jessie: Good
[throws a bag at Chris]
Jessie: cause you're the mule.

[Scott pretends to fall]
Carly: That is not funny.
Scott: Look's who scared now... sorry
Carly: Whatever, just get me to a motel room, run me a very hot bath and be prepared to provide me with a lot of orgasms.
[Jessie and Chris start laughing]
Chris: I think they need to be alone.

Chris: Let's make this quick.
Scott: Actually, maybe we should keep walking.
Carly: What, the next house is gonna have a white picket fence?
Scott: If there is a next house.

Chris: [pulling over a branch] Can you hold this?
Jessie: Why?
Chris: 'cause we're gonna knock this fucker outta the tree!

[Jessie opens her eyes after sleeping and sees one of the cannibals coming at her]
Jessie: They're here!
[both freak out for a second]
Chris: No. No they're not. You were dreaming.
Jessie: I wish.

[last lines]
Chris: C'mon, you motherfuckers. Just die.