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Quotes for
Evan (Character)
from Wrong Turn (2003/I)

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Wrong Turn (2003/I)
Evan: I can't believe they called us stoners.

Evan: You know, we should've just taken her to New York.
Francine: No, you know how she loves this outdoors stuff.
Evan: Yeah. If you ask me, though, nature sucks.
Francine: Well, the next time she gets dumped we'll take her to New York.

Evan: Okay, you guys go, and we'll just stay here, Francine and...
Scott: And get high.
Evan: Yeah... so?

Francine: [smoking pot] Where did you get this?
Evan: I found it in my dad's room, actually.

Francine: Drop your pants.
Evan: What?
Francine: When do people always show up, Evan? What are we doing? Consider it an experiment in probability theory.

Evan: [Evan is looking through Francine's car and Francine is looking through Chris's car] goddamnit! Hey? Did you find anything to eat?
[he calls to Francine]
Francine: [munching on a chocolate bar she found, she swallows her mouthful and yells] No... no sorry!
Evan: [he searches the car again] Scott and Carly took all our frigging sun screen!
[he sprays some mosquito spray on his arm, before he hears a sound in the woods. He goes to check it out]
Francine: [Still looking through Chris's stuff. She finds a book] Y'know, i think this guy must be some kind of doctor! Maybe we should get him to write us some perscriptions when he gets back.
[she lights a cigarette]
Francine: he doesnt have any smokes either... we're almost out
Francine: [frowns when Evan doesnt answer] Evan?
[she adjusts the mirror to look where Evan was standing, to see he is no longer there]
Francine: Evan?
Francine: [she gets out of the car and puts her cigarette out, looking around] Evan!
[she calls]
Francine: Where are you? Are you pissing or something?