Jessie Burlingame
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Jessie Burlingame (Character)
from Wrong Turn (2003/I)

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Wrong Turn (2003/I)
Jessie: Hey what's your name?
Chris: Chris Flynn
Jessie: You hurt Chris Flynn?
Chris: No I'm fine,
Jessie: Good
[throws a bag at Chris]
Jessie: cause you're the mule.

Jessie: Woah wait guys, this road isn't on here.
[Points to map]
Carly: That's because we don't have the redneck world atlas.

Chris: [pulling over a branch] Can you hold this?
Jessie: Why?
Chris: 'cause we're gonna knock this fucker outta the tree!

Jessie: Carly, look at me, OK? Scott died protecting us. We need to keep ourselves alive, or it was for nothing. OK? We're all in this together, Carl. Come on.
Carly: [whimpering] I want him back.
Jessie: I know, I know. Carl, look at me, OK? Look. We're gonna stay alive. We're gonna get out of this. We're gonna get out of these woods, we're gonna find the police and we're gonna make sure those motherfucks are punished for this. OK?

[Jessie opens her eyes after sleeping and sees one of the cannibals coming at her]
Jessie: They're here!
[both freak out for a second]
Chris: No. No they're not. You were dreaming.
Jessie: I wish.