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Quotes for
Naomi (Character)
from Waiting... (2005/I)

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Waiting... (2005/I)
Naomi: Like that bitch needs to be eating dessert anyway.
Bishop: Naomi... You know, if you ever want counseling in anger management or... alcoholism, I'd be more than glad to do it for you.
Naomi: You'd do that for me? Thank you, I appreciate that. But I think I'd rather you just wash the fucking dishes and and shut the fuck up! Fucking psychobabble-bullshit asshole!

Naomi: I hate this fucking place sometimes, you know. Why the fuck do we need four more people on at this time of day, man? Look at this place, it's fucking dead! I swear, Dan needs to clean the *shit* out of his fucking brain sometimes, man. Fucking asshole. What are you looking at, fuck-wad?

Naomi: You really want to know why?
Monty: Yes I really do.
Naomi: Ok Ill tell you why. Its because of THIS!
[jumps on the barstool and lifts her skirt]
Calvin, Mitch, Monty: OH! MY GOD!
Naomi: Yea! Bang! Pow! Pow! Pow!
Monty: Its so angry!
Naomi: [screeches and hisses like cat]
Calvin: Oh GOD does that thing have its shots? Put it away! Just put iy away!
Naomi: Dinner is served!
Calvin: Well its official, my penis is now just for show.
Monty: Mitch you picked a FUCKED up night to start working here.


Naomi: Ok I'll tell you why. It's because of THIS!
[jumps on the barstool and lifts her skirt]