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Quotes for
Dean (Character)
from Waiting... (2005/I)

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Waiting... (2005/I)
Dean: What the hell can you do with an A. A. degree anyway?
Monty: You can get a job substituting retarded kids or something.

Monty: So, what do you think of Natasha?
Dean: I think she's illegal.
Monty: Yeah, I've made peace with that. Seriously, look at her. You know she has that Scooby-Doo tongue.
Dean: [imitating Scooby-Doo] Ratutory rape.

Monty: So are you going to talk to her or are you just gonna hope you're never forced to make an actual decision?
Dean: I'm going with option B.
Monty: That's my boy.

Dean: She really is a little bad-ass though, and fun to hang out with. Laid back. Maintenance fees are really low. I like that.
Monty: Yeah, she's a cool chick, I'd do her. Hell, I'd probably even pay.
[chuckles in disbelief then pauses]
Monty: I would.

Dean: Excuse me, sir. You forgot your change.
Redneck: No, that's for you, that's your tip.
Dean: Oh, no, no, no, I insist. You take it. You obviously need this more than I do.

Dean: Too late, you're fucked!

Dean: [to Monty, regarding Calvin] No, wait a minute. You have to *get* the pussy before you can be whipped by it.

Dean: [meeting new trainee Mitch] Listen, man. You got nothing to worry about.
[pats Mitch on shoulder]
Dean: It's just a game.
Monty: Exactly.
Dean: And besides, you know, if heterosexual men can't show their cocks to each other, then what the hell are we doing here?
Monty: Amen, brother.
Dean: [tweaking Mitch's nipple] You're adorable.

Dean: How many times can we have the exact same conversation?
Monty: It's like we're stuck in a fucking time paradox where neither our wisdom nor your virginity will ever escape.

Dean: Calvin, what happens with every girl you're interested in?
Monty: Nothing!
Dean: You take 'em out, you pay for everything, and you never make a move!
Monty: And then you go home, alone, to masturbate while you cry, using your own tears as lube...
[cut off]
Calvin: Ok, that was once, and I was drunk, and *it was Valentine's Day*. So back off.

Dean: Here we are.
Redneck: Damn, what the hell took so long?
Dean: Sir, you ordered two well done steaks. They take awhile to cook.
Redneck: Yeah, well, can you bring me some ketchup. Mmm. Mmm. Nothin' sets off the flavor of a steak like some ketchup.

Dean: Hey, Floyd, make sure there's no bacon on the chef salad. It's against their religion.
Floyd: Yes Masta. Right away, Masta. Ain't gon' be no, no bacon on the salad Masta.
[while getting whipped with a towel]
Floyd: NO! AH! NO!
Floyd: [singing] Mm-hmm-hmm, no bacon on the salad!

Dean: Hey Floyd, no bacon on that salad.
Floyd: [Looks at Dean and speaks with a southern twang] Yes massa, ain't gon' be no bacon on the salad
[Cook starts whipping Floyd with a towel while Floyd starts singing devotional-style]
Floyd: Oh lord, no bacon... No bacon the salad...

Dan: Now I'm not gonna lie to you. The job comes with more responsibility, but it offers a lot more rewards.
Dan: You get full medical, dental,two-weeks' paid vacation, and I might add a hefty pay increase. I do pretty well.
Dean: Cool.
Dan: It is cool. And let's not forget the power.
Dean: Right.
Dan: Control. You tell people to do things, and they have to do it, or they get in trouble.
Dan: I mean, you're in the driver's seat here. Your finger's on the button. - Think about it.