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Ugolin (Character)
from Jean de Florette (1986)

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Jean de Florette (1986)
Cesar Soubeyran: Now let's talk about other things. I'm going to write to Scratcher.
Ugolin: Who's she?
Cesar Soubeyran: You don't know her because she left here before you were born. She had the body of an angel. They called her Scratcher because when the boys tried to kiss her she scratched their faces. She used to sharpen her nails especially. But because of this she ended up a spinster and when her parents died she went to work for the priest at Mimet. About 4 or 5 years ago the pope moved him to Crespin and she should still be with him.
Ugolin: So long as she didn't scratch him.
Cesar Soubeyran: Oh, at her age you don't scratch people, and because she was a friend of Florette she must still visit her. I'm going to write immediately.
Ugolin: And if she's dead?
Cesar Soubeyran: Not everyone my age is dead.

Casimir: I suppose you are going to be charitable and buy the farm?
Ugolin: That depends, what do you think it is worth?
Casimir: Not much, certainly not the life of a man.

Cesar Soubeyran: What kind of man is he?
Ugolin: He's a typical city-hunchback type.

Ugolin: It's not me that's crying. It's my eyes.

[first lines]
[dialog in French, lines from English subtitles]
Ugolin: Papet! Papet! It's me, Ugolin!

Cesar Soubeyran: So, you're the heir?
Cousin: No. We were only distant cousins.
Cesar Soubeyran: Ah, but you'll get something.
Cousin: No, it'll all go to his sister, Florette.
Cesar Soubeyran: Is she still alive?
Cousin: Why shouldn't she be? She's younger than you! I heard her husband had died, but not her.
Ugolin: Who's this Florette?

Ugolin: Is that why you rented this old farm?
Jean de Florette: I didn't rent it.
Ugolin: Did you buy it?
Jean de Florette: I didn't buy it either, but it's all mine.
Ugolin: You're not Jean de Florette, are you?
Jean de Florette: I'm Jean, and my mother was Florette. But my real name is Jean Cadoret.
Ugolin: If you'd been born here, it would be Jean de Florette.

Jean de Florette: I also own a spring.
Ugolin: What spring? Where?
Jean de Florette: It's marked on the land register. Come and take a look. Maybe you can help me locate it.

Manon of the Spring (1986)
Cesar Soubeyran: Do you know who she looks like?
Ugolin: Nobody!
Cesar Soubeyran: Yes, she does. She looks like someone you never knew. She's the splitting image of her grandmother.
Ugolin: Did you know her?
Cesar Soubeyran: Florette de Camoins. A great beauty.

Ugolin: [to Manon] Manon, don't run away! It's not to give you work. I was lying to you! It's because I love you, Manon. I love you with all my heart! Manon! I want to marry you! I'm all alone! I've got no-one! My grandparents are dead. My father hanged himself when I was little. My mother died of the flu. There's only Uncle Papet! He's rich, he's old. He's going to die. He's going to leave me all his money. It'll be yours, because I love you. I love you! I am sick for the love of you. It's suffocating me! I saw you bathing in the rainwater. I watched for hours. You were so lovely. I was tempted to commit a crime.

Ugolin: Papet, my spring has dried up!
Cesar Soubeyran: What?
Ugolin: No water.
Cesar Soubeyran: None at all?
Ugolin: No. I dug a deep hole. Not a drop. My carnations are budding.

Ugolin: [to Manon] You know that. I told you so in the hills. I love you unbearably. Listen... please listen, Manon. Ever since I saw you, ever since I spoke to you, food has been turning to sawdust in my mouth, sleep has been a torment. If you reject me, I will die or go mad.
Cesar Soubeyran: Shut up, you fool. Shut up. Let's go.