Jack Terry
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Jack Terry (Character)
from Blow Out (1981)

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Blow Out (1981)
Jack Terry: No one wants to know about conspiracy any more!

Jack Terry: I'm trying to save our asses!
Sally: I'll look after my *own* ass, thank you.

Jack Terry: Jesus, that's terrible.
Mixer: That's a terrible scream. Jack, what cat did you have to strangle to get that?
Jack Terry: The one you hired. That's her scream.
Mixer: You mean you didn't dub that?

Jack Terry: [to Sally] So you got your choice. You can be crazy or dead.

Sally: Are yuh leavin'?
Jack Terry: Yeah, I gotta go, but, um, whatta yuh say when you get outta here, we have a drink sometime... hmmm - in a glass?

[last lines]
Jack Terry: It's a good scream. It's a good scream.

Mixer: Jack, I need your help.
[he presents a couple of girls who all attempt a terrified scream]
Jack Terry: Keep looking.
Mixer: But Jack, what's the matter with you?