Richard Strout
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Richard Strout (Character)
from In the Bedroom (2001)

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In the Bedroom (2001)
Richard: Where are the boys?
Natalie: ...It's none of your business.
Richard: Oh, I see. They're my boys, but they're none of my business.

Richard: [to Frank, attacking him] Get out, motherfucker!

Richard: Did you see my new rig out there?
Natalie: It's nice.
Richard: It's not exactly new, I traded David the truck for it. It's got room for all of us. Good grocery-getting car. Hey, do you wanna take a ride?
Natalie: Richard... you don't change. You don't change, do you?
Richard: Change? No, I don't change. Everything around me changes. You change. You take my house... and you take my kids... and you fuck this other guy. But me, no, I don't change.