Matt Fowler
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Matt Fowler (Character)
from In the Bedroom (2001)

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In the Bedroom (2001)
Matt: I know what you think, that I was too lenient, that I let him get away with...
[Ruth interrupts him, smashing a plate on the floor]

Ruth: He needs his head in school, not in her.
Matt: So to speak.

Matt: Do you wanna know why our son is dead? Do you really wanna know? He went there not because of me. He was with her not because of me. He went there because of you. Because you are so controlling, so overbearing, so angry, that he was it! That he was our only son!
Ruth: That is not true!
Matt: Oh, yes it is. Yes, it is. Ever since he was little, you were telling him how he was wrong. I remember, one time you yanked him out of a little league game and sent him home, for throwing his glove in the dirt. He was what? Nine years old. Everything he did was wrong. Well, what was wrong with him, Ruth? You are so unforgiving. You are. That's what he said. And now you're pulling the same shit with me, and that's a horrible way to be. It's a horrible. You're bitter, Ruth. And you can point your finger all you want at me, but you better take a damn good look at yourself first.

Matt: [pulls out hamburger buns from paper bag] Oh, Ruth hates these.
Willis Grinnel: What?
Matt: I got the wrong kind of buns.
Willis Grinnel: Maybe we can borrow hers.
[points towards Natalie, who is bending over and feeding Duncan]
Willis Grinnel: Ah, what I would give to have back my youth.
Matt: Yeah, well, Willis, you never had that in your youth.

Matt: [greets Frank on the dock] How'd you pull?
Frank Fowler: Not too bad, about 40 pounds.
Matt: I haven't caught sight of you in days.
Frank Fowler: You know where to find me.
Matt: When are you coming home?
Frank Fowler: Has it come to this?
Matt: Come to what?
Frank Fowler: You having to run errands for Mom.
[Matt laughs silently]
Frank Fowler: I'm thinking of building a couple hundred more traps. See if can do better than break even.
Matt: It'll take you more than two years to get a license to fish off-season.
Frank Fowler: Right. Unless Henry takes me on as his sternman.
Matt: Do you think he would do that?
Frank Fowler: Maybe. It's as good a life as any. It was good enough for your father, and sometimes things just skip a generation.
Matt: You don't think... You don't think that you might need something more?
Frank Fowler: Why... so I can have an Ivy League education like you, and... Christ, if it's so great, how come you sneak out of your office every day to come down here?
Matt: I like spending time with my son.
Frank Fowler: Uh-huh.
[Matt sits down next to Frank]
Frank Fowler: I don't know, Dad. It's just- I don't know. She is a wonderful girl, and that's what I see.

Matt: [Last line in the film after Matt has killed Richard] "I don't know."

[after Matt shoots and kills Richard]
Willis Grinnel: Matt! What did you do? This isn't what we talked about!
Matt: He... he tried to run.
Willis Grinnel: We were going to wait and take him out in the woods.
Matt: I couldn't wait.