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Quotes for
Judge Morris Torledsky (Character)
from "Law & Order" (1990)

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"Law & Order: Self Defense (#3.7)" (1992)
Judge Morris Torledsky: Your case is like a bad haircut!

"Law & Order: The Pursuit of Happiness (#4.10)" (1993)
Judge Morris Torledsky: [following both defendants' "not guilty" pleas] Life is beautiful. All God's children are innocent.

"Law & Order: Corpus Delicti (#6.11)" (1996)
Christopher's Attorney: We move to stay this proceeding, Your Honor, pending resolution of litigation that is the basis of the indictment... several civil matters that the People, for some reason, are trying to criminalize.
Judge Morris Torledsky: Sorry, Counselor, but it's the People's ball; they get to decide where to play.
Christopher's Attorney: Then we plead not guilty.
Judge Morris Torledsky: At last. I was beginning to think you get paid by the word.