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Kathleen Stabler (Character)
from "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" (1999)

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"Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: Swing (#10.3)" (2008)
Kathleen Stabler: Are you going to yell at me too?
Bernie Stabler: Me? Your partner in crime?

Bernie Stabler: Remember the time we took your grandfather's fedora to put on the snowman, and his last Cuban cigar?
Kathleen Stabler: Gramps was pretty pissed. I remember you told him to get stuffed.
Bernie Stabler: Well, I tried not to curse in front of you.
Kathleen Stabler: As if the F-bomb doesn't get dropped at my house a lot, especially at me.

Bernie Stabler: [telling Kathleen about driving she and Elliot through a blizzard in 1969] We were the only car on the road. I felt like I was driving this magical sleigh. I started going faster. I felt like I was chasing the snowflakes. Your daddy was yelling 'stop mommy, stop!', but I was chasing snowflakes, and I chased them right into a lamp post. I totaled the car, and I broke your daddy's arm.
Kathleen Stabler: He never told me about that.
Bernie Stabler: No, he never told anybody what really happened. You see, Kathleen, there's no shame in making mistakes, we all have, but do you do have to take responsibility for what you've done.

Kathleen Stabler: Grams, do you think I'm crazy?
Bernie Stabler: Do you feel crazy?
Kathleen Stabler: I don't know. It's like the world is full of all these ding-a-ling force fields and every time I touch one, I shimmer.
Bernie Stabler: Yeah, and sometimes just the thought of getting out of bed makes you so tired, you feel like you need a 12 hour nap?
Kathleen Stabler: Yeah. How did you know?
Bernie Stabler: [smiles] That's the price we pay for greatness.

Kathleen Stabler: Dad hates me.
Bernie Stabler: No he doesn't. Trust me. If he did he'd just walk out of your life.
Kathleen Stabler: I'm in jail! He put me here!
Bernie Stabler: No, you put yourself here.

Detective Elliot Stabler: What were you thinking breaking into that place?
Kathleen Stabler: I didn't break in, the window was open.

"Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: Alternate (#9.1)" (2007)
Det. Elliot Stabler: [pregnant Kathy carries in a laundry basket] Honey, you shouldn't be lifting heavy things. Just leave it there, I'll do it.
Kathleen Stabler: She's not supposed to be pregnant!
[to Kathy]
Kathleen Stabler: You're too old, I'm in college - people will think it's mine.

"Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: Clock (#8.2)" (2006)
Detective Elliot Stabler: Kathleen. What are you doing here? Is everything all right?
Kathleen Stabler: I need to talk to you.
Detective Elliot Stabler: A couple of days ago, you were never gonna speak to me again.

"Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: Annihilated (#8.20)" (2007)
Kathleen Stabler: [to Elliot] We're your family, not a booty call. Either come home, or don't, there's no in between.

"Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: Hysteria (#1.4)" (1999)
[a teenaged friend of Kathleen's is pregnant, and Elliot is trying to find the right time to talk about waiting to have sex - he is helping her practice soccer by kicking balls for her to block from the goal]
Elliot Stabler: You didn't come out again, honey.
Kathleen: So?
Elliot Stabler: So... one ball can change the game. It's like - it's like life. When I get close to you, you just come on out and cut off my angle, OK? Just try it again. Come on out, come on out.
[he kicks the ball, it goes past her into the goal]
Kathleen: Thanks, that was great advice.
Elliot Stabler: Honey, you did great, you did great, it's just that... the players in this game, they know a lotta tricks. Never commit until you know where they're coming from, and even then you just - you gotta be careful. You understand?
Kathleen: Whatever.
Elliot Stabler: Good, OK.
Elliot Stabler: Because they'll be attacking you from every angle.
Elliot Stabler: Just guard it with your life, sweetie.
Kathleen: Oh, boy.
Elliot Stabler: OK. Come on, kick it back.
Kathleen: Dad, I'm a virgin, OK?
[she kicks the ball to him, he stands still and it goes by him]
Elliot Stabler: OK.

"Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: Crush (#10.20)" (2009)
Kim Garnet: Who are you?
Kathleen Stabler: Kathleen. I'm a friend of Olivia's. I was sitting in here a couple of months ago.
Kim Garnet: She put you in jail too?
Kathleen Stabler: Yeah! And my dad's Detective Stabler.
Kim Garnet: How could you do that to your partners kid?
Kathleen Stabler: I'm glad she did. Helped me stop hating my self.
Kim Garnet: What makes you think I hate my self?
Kathleen Stabler: Because I was a lot like you. I let boys use me, have sex with me, even hit me. Kim, I was too scared and too ashamed to say anything. Things got so bad, I went to jail. But I finally let someone help me. Same person's trying to help you.
Kim Garnet: I don't know what to do? I love him How can I betray him?
Kathleen Stabler: He's betraying you everytime he hits you. Afterwards, he says he's sorry, he'll never do it again, so you forgive him but he hits you again, he makes you feel like you're nothing, like he's the only one who will ever love you and then he hits you some more and says that you deserve it, doesn't he?
Kim Garnet: The first time, we were at a party, I spilled punch on him and he slapped me in the face for messing up his new shirt and then it was after school for talking to another boy and it was just for no reason at all.
Kathleen Stabler: Kim, If someone really loves you, they'd never hurt you, they'd treat you with respect. Please let them help you.

"Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: Blood (#6.21)" (2005)
Kathleen Stabler: Daddy!
[runs to Elliot]
Detective Elliot Stabler: It's alright.
Kathleen Stabler: I'm so sorry!
Detective Elliot Stabler: It's alright. Why didn't you call me? Why didn't you tell the officers who I was?
Kathleen Stabler: I was scared.
Detective Elliot Stabler: I'm sure you were.
Kathleen Stabler: No, I was scared of what you'd do.