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Danielle Melnick (Character)
from "Law & Order" (1990)

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"Law & Order: Helpless (#3.6)" (1992)
Danielle Melnick: Come on, Ben. They had a little fun in the afternoon. It cannot be rape when both parties consent.
Ben Stone: I saw the bruises. I heard the tape. I didn't hear consent.
Danielle Melnick: Mmm-hmm, and you didn't hear something else, either. You didn't hear the word "No." The woman gets naked, she spreads her legs and then she turns on a tape recorder? Didn't I read that in last month's "Penthouse Forum"?
Ben Stone: Danielle, she suspected something would happen.
Danielle Melnick: Gee, Ben, now I know why you're living alone. Fact: The only woman who would knowingly put herself in a position to get raped is a policewoman. So please, go ahead, fellows, use the tape. You will open a can and a hell of a lot more than worms are gonna crawl out. I will give you a hint: it begins with "E," it ends with "T" and I do not mean "entertainment."

Ben Stone: [to Dr. Merrick] Do you frequently have sex with patients?
Danielle Melnick: Objection!
Judge Keith Silver: Sustained.
Ben Stone: Do you call all your patients bitches, doctor?
Danielle Melnick: Objection!

Danielle Melnick: [to Stone] You've been humiliated in court once and that was with a Ph.D. on the stand. Can you imagine what happens with a psychopath and a drug addict? Please, Ben, drop the charges against Dr. Merritt. Consider saving your own career.
Ben Stone: When I was a boy, I collected baseball cards and there was this one kid who convinced me to trade a Duke Snider for a Gene Hermanski. He said it was a good deal.
Danielle Melnick: What the hell does that mean?
Ben Stone: I learned the hard way. For a deal to be good, there has to be equal consideration and there's no way you can cough up enough consideration to justify a deal for him.

Danielle Melnick: Okay, Ben, what do you want?
Ben Stone: In a perfect world, I'd like to see your client locked in a room for a week with these women, but I'll settle for seeing him spend the rest of his life in jail.

"Law & Order: Open Season (#13.7)" (2002)
Danielle Melnick: Julian Preuss is accused of a crime, but that doesn't make him Hannibal Lecter.

Danielle Melnick: Hello, Jack. OK - let's talk turkey. What are you up to?... And don't give me that party line about Preuss being a threat to society.
Jack McCoy: When you argue, I have this compulsive need to argue back.

"Law & Order: Collision (#10.11)" (2000)
Danielle Melnick: Look McCoy. My client may be legally sane, but it doesn't mean he's not crazy.

Danielle Melnick: Before you go anywhere near a death sentence you have to prove rape.
A.D.A. Abbie Carmichael: Are you alleging his semen beamed into her vagina?

"Law & Order: Good Faith (#17.17)" (2007)
[Jack is watching a game at a bar. Danielle comes up behind him and leans on the bar next to him, her chin on her fist]
Danielle Melnick: So who's winning? The Christians, or the lions?
Executive A.D.A. Jack McCoy: Who are you, and what have you done with Danielle Melnick?

Danielle Melnick: Tomorrow's Daily News just hit the stands.
[drops a newspaper on the bar with a picture of the ceiling of the Sistene Chapel and a rather unflattering picture of Jack headlined "D.A. vs. God"]
Danielle Melnick: Goodnight, Jack, and God bless.

"Law & Order: Disappeared (#8.19)" (1998)
Danielle Melnick: You turning soft on me, Jack?
Jack McCoy: You know I'm a sucker for an execution. I'm just here for the tortellini.

"Law & Order: Golden Years (#4.11)" (1994)
Danielle Melnick: [to a witness] You were scheduled to be deported, were you not? But in exchange for your testimony...
Ben Stone: Objection! That's a lie!
Judge Margaret Barry: Approach.
[They do]
Judge Margaret Barry: All questions of fact will be for the jury to decide, Mister Stone.
Ben Stone: If I'm slandered, Your Honor, I have to defend myself.
Judge Margaret Barry: Ms. Melnick, any remarks which further provoke Mr. Stone will also provoke me - and you will regret it.