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Quotes for
Professor Norman Rothenberg (Character)
from "Law & Order" (1990)

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"Law & Order: Black Tie (#4.5)" (1993)
EADA Ben Stone: I don't mind when you want to make new law, Norman, but next time I wish you'd choose a more deserving client.
Prof. Norman Rothenberg: We can't always choose them, Ben.
EADA Ben Stone: So it doesn't concern you that justice won't be done?
Prof. Norman Rothenberg: My only concern is the law. I'll leave justice to a more majestic authority.

"Law & Order: Jeopardy (#6.4)" (1995)
Prof. Norman Rothenberg: What part of double jeopardy don't you understand?
Jack McCoy: I'm well acquainted with it Mr. Rothenberg, and it doesn't scare me.