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Ben Stone (Character)
from "Law & Order" (1990)

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"Law & Order: Happily Ever After (#1.5)" (1990)
Ben Stone: True love! They'd trade each other for a nickel.

Det. Sgt. Maxwell "Max" Greevey: [Referring to the murder weapon] ... and guess who it was registered to?
Ben Stone: Himes, Gilbert?
Detective Mike Logan: Nope. And not to Ralston, Janet, either.
Ben Stone: [Surprised] Ralston, Alan?
[Leans his head in his hands]
Ben Stone: Great. He was killed with his own gun.

Ben Stone: Either she's evil, or she's two years old. She wants what she wants when she wants it.

Janet Ralston: You don't scare me, Mr. Stone.
Ben Stone: Oh yes I do, Mrs. Ralston. I scare you a great deal. And I should.

Gordon Schell: It's a crime of passion, Stone. Pure and simple.
Ben Stone: A crime of passion is never pure, and it's certainly not simple.

A.D.A. Paul Robinette: Himes really does love her.
Ben Stone: Maybe he loves manslaughter two more.
A.D.A. Paul Robinette: If we don't find out how it went down, we may have to offer it to him.
Ben Stone: Well then let's find out how it went down.

Adam Schiff: What is it, greed? Power? Evil!
Ben Stone: I thought you didn't believe in evil.
Adam Schiff: I never met Janet Ralston before.
Ben Stone: She's either evil or she's two years old. She wants what she wants when she wants it.
Adam Schiff: That's brilliant.

"Law & Order: The Secret Sharers (#1.18)" (1991)
Ben Stone: The commandment says, "Thou shalt not kill". It does not say, "Thou shalt not kill only nice people".

Shambala Green: We're pleading temporary insanity.
Ben Stone: What, yours or your client's?

Adam Schiff: If Judge Markham doesn't dismiss, the whole thing is circumstantial. The girl works for a priest no less. To a jury, she's practically got a halo.
Ben Stone: Do you have any helpful suggestions?

Paul Robinette: Aren't you always giving me the "you can't win every case" speech?
Ben Stone: I don't mind losing, Paul.
Paul Robinette: Could've fooled me.
Ben Stone: What bothers me is 12 law abiding citizens knowing a defendant is guilty and acquitting him anyway.
Paul Robinette: They were flim-flammed by the angle of self defense.
Ben Stone: They KNEW they were being flim-flammed and still acquitted. That is frightening.

"Law & Order: Big Bang (#4.16)" (1994)
Edward Manning: You're ruining me as a man of science!
Executive A.D.A. Ben Stone: Sir, you did that yourself. I'm just asking you to tell the jury how you did it.

Executive A.D.A. Ben Stone: He's not your typical killer.
D.A. Adam Schiff: He is! He killed somebody.

[after convicting a physics professor of 2nd degree murder]
Ben Stone: But on the other hand he killed a woman, so I had to play it by the book.
Adam Schiff: You feel bad about that?
Ben Stone: Twenty-five years - he's not your typical killer.
Adam Schiff: He is - he killed somebody.

Edward Manning: So what?
Ben Stone: Uh, Dr. Manning, the link between Dr. Weiss and your wife, we lost it. Now you're the only person who can testify that you saw Dr. Weiss at your wife's apartment. And you're also the only person who can supply motive.
Edward Manning: Can I? What motive is that?
Ben Stone: I don't want to play games with you, sir. Don't play games with me. We know what you did to Dr. Weiss.
Edward Manning: Oh, I see. So you want me to announce to the world that I'm a scientific thief and a fraud.
Ben Stone: No, sir, I want you to tell the truth.

"Law & Order: Kiss the Girls and Make Them Die (#1.4)" (1990)
A.D.A. Paul Robinette: At least we gave them justice.
Ben Stone: Justice doesn't give you grandchildren.

Ben Stone: I can't let you testify now.
Alex Brody: What?
Ben Stone: The law won't let us introduce his prior bad acts.
[to Elise]
Ben Stone: Even if he'd been convicted of your assault, it would be very difficult.
Alex Brody: So this guy can just go around hurting people, and they won't listen?

Ben Stone: Ned Loomis destroyed every life he touched, we didn't change that one iota.
A.D.A. Paul Robinette: At least we gave them justice.
Ben Stone: [watches the murdered woman's parents embrace] Justice doesn't give you grandchildren.

Ben Stone: If we plead him out, he only serves 3 years!
Adam Schiff: If you don't plead him out, he serves NO years.
Ben Stone: Fine! Take a plea! YOU tell the Bartletts the news.
A.D.A. Paul Robinette: 'Your daughter's life for 3 years'?

"Law & Order: Golden Years (#4.11)" (1994)
Adam Schiff: Young people get impatient with old people. Especially cantankerous ones.
Ben Stone: Oh yeah? Speaking from personal experience?
Adam Schiff: I'm a sweetheart. And I'm middle aged.

Adam Schiff: You and the girl's lawyer want to pressure her into pleading to a lesser charge that she might *not* be guilty of so she won't be convicted of a more serious charge that she *might* be guilty of? Does that make sense?
Ben Stone: With our system and imperfect knowledge? Yes.

Danielle Melnick: [to a witness] You were scheduled to be deported, were you not? But in exchange for your testimony...
Ben Stone: Objection! That's a lie!
Judge Margaret Barry: Approach.
[They do]
Judge Margaret Barry: All questions of fact will be for the jury to decide, Mister Stone.
Ben Stone: If I'm slandered, Your Honor, I have to defend myself.
Judge Margaret Barry: Ms. Melnick, any remarks which further provoke Mr. Stone will also provoke me - and you will regret it.

Ben Stone: Starvation is a natural cause in Somalia. In New York, it's murder two.

"Law & Order: Sanctuary (#4.19)" (1994)
EADA Ben Stone: I'm responsible for my actions, not the color of my skin. And if it makes you feel good to call me a racist, fine. But if you want to know who's really responsible for racism in today's society, take a good look in the mirror.

EADA Ben Stone: Better to light a match than curse the darkness.
Adam Schiff: Be careful you don't light a fuse.

Adam Schiff: ...after twenty years in this office, you'd think you'd have a sense of reality.
Ben Stone: Reality? The reality is that no one is willing to draw a line in the sand. Nobody is willing to say that the law is the law. And if you break it, you will be prosecuted: win, lose or draw.

Ben Stone: Sanctuary? What is this, medieval England?
A.D.A. Claire Kincaid: You really plan to argue this in front of a judge?
Shambala Green: And the Appellate Division and the Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court, if necessary.
Ben Stone: So your client is going to stay in this church until your exercise in futility is completed?
Shambala Green: Considering the alternative, you bet. That is, of course, unless you'd like to save us all a lot of time and energy.
Ben Stone: Well, what does that mean?
Shambala Green: Man two, he serves the minimum.
Ben Stone: Your client savagely killed Mr. John De Santis on the local news. We call that murder two.

"Law & Order: The Torrents of Greed: Part 2 (#1.16)" (1991)
Ben Stone: Masucci would kill his own sister?
Katherine Masucci Beigel: What do you think I was trying to tell you that day in court?

Mike Logan: She spent a million bucks just to waste her brother?
Ben Stone: Not a waste of bail money, with Masucci dead she gets every penny back.
Mike Logan: Well, she did in 10 seconds what none of us could do in 10 years.
Ben Stone: What's that?
Mike Logan: Someone finally put Masucci out of business, permanently.

[last lines]
Ben Stone: Adam, this isn't what I wanted.
Adam Schiff: I have no complaints. Let's go tell the mayor.

"Law & Order: By Hooker, by Crook (#1.7)" (1990)
Ben Stone: How many prostitutes have you received services from?
Kurtz: About 2,000.
Ben Stone: Any of them more than once?
Kurtz: A few, most of them weren't worth doing once, let alone a second time.
[jury laughs]

Kurtz: [about Jolene] She gets you very, very excited, and she's very, very good at what she does.
Ben Stone: Is what Jolene does hard on the heart?
Kurtz: She's hard on EVERY part of the body.
[jury laughs]

Laura Winthrop: How about involuntary manslaughter? I'd be out in 5 years, right?
Ben Stone: 2 and a half with good behavior.
Laura Winthrop: I'm always on my best behavior.

"Law & Order: Prescription for Death (#1.1)" (1990)
Executive A.D.A. Benjamin "Ben" Stone: We got what we needed from Dr. Simonson.
Dr. Edward Auster: An intern, Mr. Stone. Are you planning on asking the cleaning lady to testify, too? About the time I threw the tissue into the wastepaper basket and missed?

Executive A.D.A. Benjamin "Ben" Stone: You know the difference between Auster and a serial killer?
A.D.A. Paul Robinette: The weapon.

Dr. Edward Auster: When you practice medicine, Mr. Stone, sometimes the patient dies.
Executive A.D.A. Benjamin "Ben" Stone: And when you're a lawyer, Dr. Auster, some of the people you prosecute are convicted.

"Law & Order: Renunciation (#2.9)" (1991)
Executive A.D.A. Ben Stone: Anything worth knowing cannot be taught in a classroom.
Paul Robinette: Oscar Wilde?
Executive A.D.A. Ben Stone: Sister Mary Frances. She wielded a hell of a paddle.

Janice Rydell: We have a deal, Stone
Executive A.D.A. Ben Stone: Wrong tense, counselor. In my office two half-truths do not equal a whole! And you better pray that your client here is snowing you, too
Janice Rydell: Are you threatening me?
Executive A.D.A. Ben Stone: As a matter of fact, yes, I am

Paul Robinette: You saw where Rydell was going. You should have stopped her cross completely.
Executive A.D.A. Ben Stone: The more I object, the more it reinforces her strategy. The more Roy looks like a victim.
Paul Robinette: But still, letting her play the jury's heartstrings...
Executive A.D.A. Ben Stone: We knew it was coming. She's got nothing else.
Paul Robinette: And if they buy it, he walks. No manslaughter charges, no safety net.
Executive A.D.A. Ben Stone: Last I looked, you were very adamant about this. You knew that if we included anything less than murder, she'd pull out the sympathy and the jury would opt for manslaughter.
Paul Robinette: Ben, I agreed I didn't want to give the jury that option, only...
Executive A.D.A. Ben Stone: Only you looked over the edge, and you didn't like the view.
Paul Robinette: I looked at the box, I didn't like the jurors' faces.

"Law & Order: Prince of Darkness (#3.8)" (1992)
Adam Schiff: The gun dealer was in the yard at Riker's; had his throat cut. Buenaventura was strangled in the kitchen at Dannemora. And Manuel Ortega's mother fell out of a window.
A.D.A. Paul Robinette: What about the little girl?
Adam Schiff: She was picked up at school by her uncle.
Executive A.D.A. Ben Stone: She doesn't have an uncle!
Adam Schiff: look of absolute horror, as credits roll

Adam Schiff: Twenty people in that restaurant. No ID. We say he's Gaitan, they say Esteban. Without fingerprints, they can say he's Peter Pan.
A.D.A. Paul Robinette: The State Department buys dictators over breakfast, they can't get prints from the Colombians?
Adam Schiff: Billions of dollars, the cartel is an underground nation. They kill judges down there for sport!
Executive A.D.A. Ben Stone: Adam, is there an agenda here?
Adam Schiff: The US Attorney's office did call. They say that Gaitan can make federal cases into the next century.
A.D.A. Paul Robinette: He'll get six months, testify in three cases, and go home.
Executive A.D.A. Ben Stone: Adam, that is nuts. We convict, the feds get leverage, and I think facing 25 years, he'd sell out anybody.
Adam Schiff: The feds would like us to talk to Gaitan. You'll do it.

A.D.A. Paul Robinette: Cristobal's son, 19, police report says Gaitan put three bullets in the back of his head. Maybe Frank Hoover has a point.
Executive A.D.A. Ben Stone: Terrific. You don't like the system, go get a gun. We can paint the courthouse steps red.
Adam Schiff: A lot of people would rather give him a medal than a sentence. Frank Hoover has a case for extreme emotional disturbance.
Executive A.D.A. Ben Stone: I'm not hard hearted, but I don't get this one. It's premeditated, it's wrong.
Adam Schiff: I'm not up on my Catholic theology, but is self-righteousness a mortal or a venial sin?
A.D.A. Paul Robinette: You killed a man who killed your son, to a jury it doesn't matter how premeditated it was.
Adam Schiff: Let him do four to 12.
Executive A.D.A. Ben Stone: OK, just as long as you take the press conference.

"Law & Order: Censure (#4.14)" (1994)
Ben Stone: [a former judge has pleaded guilty to criminal harassment and is elocuting his guilt. Stone's lost his patience] Your honor, this is insufficient. The defendant is behaving as if someone else committed this crime...
Arthur Gold: You want him on his knees, Ben?
Judge Joel Thayer: Walter...
Judge Walter Schreiber: *Judge Schreiber*, to you. Now, I've heard all the dodging and weaving I can take on this one. You wore the same robes I do- you know the drill. Now, if you want to dance, you can come back and dance at a trial, so let's hear it. *All* of it.
Judge Joel Thayer: [takes a deep breath and begins] In an effort to convince Janet Rudman of my love... of the sincerity of that love...
Ben Stone: [not letting him drift this time] Judge Thayer, please answer the question. Did you threaten Molly Rudman?
Judge Walter Schreiber: [Thayer is silent. Gold, his lawyer, looks slightly panicked. And Schreiber has had it] *I require an answer.*
Ben Stone: Judge Thayer- sir, for the last time- for the *very* last time- did you threaten Janet Rudman's child?
Judge Joel Thayer: Yes.

A.D.A. Claire Kincaid: I don't think this has to do with Ben. It has to do with me. I had a prior working relationship with Thayer.
D.A. Adam Schiff: Oh, really? Doing what?
A.D.A. Claire Kincaid: I was his clerk.
D.A. Adam Schiff: And? And what's the problem, Miss Kincaid?
A.D.A. Claire Kincaid: I had an affair with him.
D.A. Adam Schiff: Well that's just dandy.
Ben Stone: You... you had an affair? Why the hell didn't you tell me this?
A.D.A. Claire Kincaid: I told you to take me off the case.
Ben Stone: I would have, if I'd known this!
A.D.A. Claire Kincaid: I'd hoped there was some part of my personal life I could keep personal.
Ben Stone: Oh, great!

"Law & Order: Asylum (#2.4)" (1991)
[a witness has a mental condition causing him to sometimes act irrationally]
Ben Stone: Your psychiatrist tells us that you have moments of rational thought. We're going to take care of you, and you're going to go back in there and have one of those moments.

Ben Stone: The appeal is based on the defendant's Fourth Amendment rights. You didn't have a warrant when you searched his place of abode.
Det. Mike Logan: "Abode" huh? It was in the damn bushes!

"Law & Order: Out of the Half-Light (#1.11)" (1990)
Executive A.D.A. Ben Stone: Do you think of yourself as a black lawyer or a lawyer who's black?
Paul Robinette: Depends on the context.

Executive A.D.A. Ben Stone: You made a decision based on something from within. You live with it, you examine it, that's all you got.

"Law & Order: Life Choice (#1.12)" (1991)
Executive A.D.A. Ben Stone: If abortion is murder, then no matter how you feel about Mary Donovan, aren't you guilty of the murder of her unborn child?

Executive A.D.A. Ben Stone: What do you say to people who think somebody committed a criminal act, but don't think they're a criminal?
Paul Robinette: Easy, a criminal IS someone who commits a criminal act, no matter the reason.
Executive A.D.A. Ben Stone: But up until Roe V. Wade, the abortionists were the criminals. If the law hadn't changed, there wouldn't have been a bombing.
Paul Robinette: If the law hadn't changed, I would've been a slave. You can't turn back the clock.

"Law & Order: Manhood (#3.21)" (1993)
Executive A.D.A. Ben Stone: So, let's suppose that it's true what Defense Attorney Schell implies that each of you, all of you, sympathize with the defendants, trapped as they are in their fears; that, in fact, more people hate homosexuals than are willing to admit, then I venture to say that somewhere in your family history, someone somewhere hates you or your relatives for no other reason than that they are black or white, Slovak instead of Czech, Protestant instead of Catholic, left-wing not right. And are you going to let officers of the law determine which of you they will help based on who and what you are? If so, then don't dial 9-1-1, even if you think you're one of them because you may end up being Officer Newhouse. These defendants let a man die and, for all of us, you must hold them responsible.

D.A. Adam Schiff: No, only your most crucial evidence...
Executive A.D.A. Ben Stone: Half the precinct knows who wrote that memo. How can I prove it? She could've let it in.
D.A. Adam Schiff: Judge Larkin? Her politics aren't with you when the law is against you.
A.D.A. Paul Robinette: We have to connect the memo to Rhodes.
D.A. Adam Schiff: What about the kid that brought it in? The partner?
Executive A.D.A. Ben Stone: He says he didn't know.
A.D.A. Paul Robinette: Tell me you believe him.
Executive A.D.A. Ben Stone: I put him on the stand, he'll lie. He's scared of what the other cops will think.
A.D.A. Paul Robinette: Is that what he's scared of?

"Law & Order: Sonata for Solo Organ (#1.21)" (1991)
[to a suspect who lied]
Ben Stone: That was very cutsy-poo! "A little over a million." It was a million over a million!

Defense attorney: What's it going to take to make you happy, Stone?
EADA Ben Stone: The Mets in the Series, peace on Earth, and Dr. Reberty in Danamorra.

"Law & Order: Discord (#4.3)" (1993)
D.A. Adam Schiff: [Julia's decided not to testify] It's for the best, it'll save us trying to explain what the hell that girl was doing in his room after midnight.
Executive A.D.A. Ben Stone: We don't ask a 70 year old mugging victim what he was doing riding the subway alone at night.
D.A. Adam Schiff: We should, it would make our jobs easier.
Executive A.D.A. Ben Stone: You're right, there'd be no more victims.

Executive A.D.A. Ben Stone: She said no.
D.A. Adam Schiff: Sure, and I tell my grandson 'Your mother doesn't want you eating candy before dinner', but if I leave him alone with a jar full of M&Ms...
Executive A.D.A. Ben Stone: Julia Wood is not a piece of candy, Adam.
D.A. Adam Schiff: To Clarence Carmichael, she is.

"Law & Order: The Fertile Fields (#2.19)" (1992)
A.D.A. Paul Robinette: We gave him immunity as quid pro quo for his testimony. He lied. That's got to break the deal, common sense!
D.A. Adam Schiff: Common sense has nothing to do with it. A man waives his Fifth Amendment rights by testifying.
Executive A.D.A. Ben Stone: Whether he tells the truth or not!
D.A. Adam Schiff: It doesn't matter, he's entitled to immunity. Do you think he killed his brother?
Executive A.D.A. Ben Stone: No, I think he's protecting someone.
D.A. Adam Schiff: Uh huh. Alright, then we threaten him with perjury. The idea of four years in Attica should scare the hell out of him. He'll talk.
A.D.A. Paul Robinette: The alternative might scare him a lot more. I don't think he's protecting a friend. The man's scared.
Executive A.D.A. Ben Stone: Well I can't say that I blame him. He saw what happened to his brother.
D.A. Adam Schiff: A man is desperate enough to steal from his own family? Subpoena his personal records and find out who he owes money to.
Executive A.D.A. Ben Stone: Adam, banks kill with a thousand cuts, not with a whack on the head.
D.A. Adam Schiff: Some lenders are in a bigger hurry. Ezra dies, Isaac gets the business. It's a very good way to ensure prompt payment.

Executive A.D.A. Ben Stone: You don't believe I can win, do you?
D.A. Adam Schiff: I believe that you've got a hell of a mountain to climb in your summation. Isaac's lack of credibility translates into reasonable doubt!
A.D.A. Paul Robinette: The jury could find Tashjian technically not guilty.
Executive A.D.A. Ben Stone: And we all know he killed Ezra Shorr.
D.A. Adam Schiff: Our knowledge is a long way from proof.

"Law & Order: The Reaper's Helper (#1.3)" (1990)
Det. Sgt. Maxwell "Max" Greevey: [after Stone was punched in the mouth] How's the jaw?
Ben Stone: It only hurts when I prosecute, so find something to keep me out of the courtroom until the swelling goes down.

Jack Curry: What gives you the right to decide how I should live the rest of my life?
EADA Ben Stone: Unfortunately, you did. Not once, not twice, but three times.

"Law & Order: Subterranean Homeboy Blues (#1.2)" (1990)
Executive A.D.A. Benjamin "Ben" Stone: You said 'Here's your taste'. Sounds rather cool!

Executive A.D.A. Benjamin "Ben" Stone: Do you have any other personal views on this subject you'd like to air before we walk into court and Ms. Shambala Green hands us our asses on a platter?

"Law & Order: Severance (#2.13)" (1992)
[Arthur Gold has just lost a case to Stone]
Arthur Gold: Call me for lunch.
[Gold drives away]
ADA Paul Robinette: You'd really eat lunch with him?
EADA Ben Stone: Only if he orders 'crow'.

EADA Ben Stone: In a perfect world, we wouldn't have discovery. We wouldn't have pre-trial motions. Just go to trial and let the chips fall where they may.
Adam Schiff: In a perfect world, people wouldn't get shot in a parking lot.

"Law & Order: Wager (#4.18)" (1994)
Ben Stone: He was never that boy's father. He just happened to be in the room when he was conceived.

Ben Stone: Mr. Lang, I get the feeling that you did this for hire. Now, I can charge you with murder, and if you don't start talking you're the one who's going to be serving a life sentence.
Joey 'Dogs' Lang: Well, if I'm going for one, I might as well go for the deuce.
Ben Stone: Is that a threat, sir?
Joey 'Dogs' Lang: I could be over this table and crack your head before that clown could do anything about it. See, I'm not going down for something I *didn't* do.
Ben Stone: Sir, you just threatened a man who could charge you with murder. And right now, I don't give a damn about your innocence. So what good did that do you?

"Law & Order: Night & Fog (#3.13)" (1993)
D.A. Adam Schiff: This office doesn't care about Poles or Nazis any more than it does about Serbs or Croats. We're not in the evil business, we're in the crime business.
Executive A.D.A. Ben Stone: Adam, I may be wrong but I thought that, of all people, you would want...
D.A. Adam Schiff: The man killed his wife. Try him, convict him. That's all I want.

"Law & Order: Poison Ivy (#1.8)" (1990)
[the trial of a policeman has just ended in his suicide]
Ben Stone: It's the last one, no more cops, it's too hard.
D/Sgt. Max Greevey: Know why I wouldn't let go? Because there but for the grace of God go I, or any cop. You get caught, you get prosecuted.
Ben Stone: Didn't know you were a philosopher, Max.
D/Sgt. Max Greevey: Just an ex-altar boy with a gun.

"Law & Order: Black Tie (#4.5)" (1993)
EADA Ben Stone: I don't mind when you want to make new law, Norman, but next time I wish you'd choose a more deserving client.
Prof. Norman Rothenberg: We can't always choose them, Ben.
EADA Ben Stone: So it doesn't concern you that justice won't be done?
Prof. Norman Rothenberg: My only concern is the law. I'll leave justice to a more majestic authority.

"Law & Order: Born Bad (#4.9)" (1993)
D.A. Adam Schiff: You can't force the other side to play. You put a check in the win column and you count your blessings.
Executive A.D.A. Ben Stone: In any other circumstances, that's exactly what I'd do.
D.A. Adam Schiff: Why does this kid deserve such special attention?
Executive A.D.A. Ben Stone: Because he's pleading for the wrong reason. His lawyer tells him that he's born bad. We tell him he's raised bad. He buys both stories. Sees his life as a dead end.
D.A. Adam Schiff: Maybe he knows his life better than you do. Your job is to convict not to rehabilitate.
Executive A.D.A. Ben Stone: He's a 14-year-old kid who gave up.
D.A. Adam Schiff: So you're doing him a favor.
Executive A.D.A. Ben Stone: If he gave up his illusions, right, but he gave up hope and I drove him to that. Now anything might happen to that kid in prison.
D.A. Adam Schiff: Gary Gilmore. Westley Dodd. Two unrepentant killers. Everybody wants them dead until they agree and then we turn them into folk heroes.
Executive A.D.A. Ben Stone: We had nothing to do with their fates.
D.A. Adam Schiff: You want them to start naming churches after you, I'd get another profession. Take the kid's plea. Move on to the next case.

"Law & Order: The Troubles (#1.20)" (1991)
Ben Stone: Look at the bright side.
Paul Robinette: What bright side?
Ben Stone: We are not in Boston.

"Law & Order: Indifference (#1.9)" (1990)
Executive A.D.A. Ben Stone: I didn't hear you knock.
Shambala Green: That's because I didn't. If I'd have knocked, you would have heard me.

"Law & Order: Confession (#2.1)" (1991)
Det. Mike Logan: What the hell is this? You expect me to sit on my ass while my partner's killer walks around free?
Executive A.D.A. Ben Stone: Either way, that is exactly what is going to happen. Because if the first confession is coerced, then so is the second, and the third, no matter how many times you Mirandize the suspect.
Capt. Donald Cragen: Coercion is a judgment call, Stone. My guy never laid a glove on the son of a bitch.
Executive A.D.A. Ben Stone: That doesn't matter. If he coerced the first confession, it is still "fruit of the poisonous tree."
Det. Mike Logan: What "fruit!" What's it some stupid technicality?
Executive A.D.A. Ben Stone: [to Cragen] Perhaps you can explain the concept to your men, so they don't let another cop killer walk.
[starts to leave, then pauses and turns back]
Executive A.D.A. Ben Stone: I doubt if Max Greevey would've considered it a "technicality."

"Law & Order: American Dream (#4.8)" (1993)
Ben Stone: I guess you just weren't clever enough.
Phillip Swann: I got this far, Ben.
Ben Stone: A lot of effort to wind up right back where you started. And in polite society, Sir, you don't call people by their first name unless they ask you to - I didn't do that. You're not a friend, and you're certainly not a colleague.

"Law & Order: Consultation (#3.10)" (1992)
Executive A.D.A. Ben Stone: The conspiracy is a house of cards. The slightest breeze, and it all comes tumbling down.
D.A. Adam Schiff: Only no little piggy has started huffing and puffing.

"Law & Order: Virus (#3.19)" (1993)
A.D.A. Paul Robinette: Judge Pate thinks the Constitution was written on a laptop. You don't like what it says, push a button, rights appear out of nowhere.
D.A. Adam Schiff: The crying towels are in the closet down the hall.
Executive A.D.A. Ben Stone: We had that kid dead to rights. Now we can't use any of the evidence, not even his name.
D.A. Adam Schiff: Oh, I didn't know that the Bill of Rights was written to make your life easier.

"Law & Order: Prisoner of Love (#1.10)" (1990)
[Stone and the police are searching a suspect's apartment. Stone comes upon a locked chest]
Elizabeth Hendrick: It's my hope chest.
[the chest is unlocked. Stone, absolutely stunned and dumbfounded, pulls out an assortment of S&M gear]
Executive A.D.A. Benjamin "Ben" Stone: What were you hoping for?

"Law & Order: The Corporate Veil (#3.4)" (1992)
Roger Cleary: [facing six counts of murder two] All right, Mr. Stone, I'm a businessman. I've made deals before. What are you offering?
Executive A.D.A. Ben Stone: I'm not a businessman, Mr. Cleary. I'm offering you nothing.

"Law & Order: The Torrents of Greed: Part 1 (#1.15)" (1991)
[last lines]
Mike Logan: Hey, they don't play by the rules, why should we?
Ben Stone: Because it's our job.
Mike Logan: GREAT. Beigal walks, Masucci walks... and we got squat.
Ben Stone: [staring at Masucci down below] Oh no. Masucci doesn't walk.

"Law & Order: Silence (#2.21)" (1992)
EADA Ben Stone: My father wanted me to be a doctor. I went so far as to study organic chemistry.
Adam Schiff: What happened?
EADA Ben Stone: I grew up.

"Law & Order: Old Friends (#4.22)" (1994)
Executive A.D.A. Ben Stone: Everyone who dances with the devil thinks they can walk away. You can't.

"Law & Order: Animal Instinct (#3.18)" (1993)
Ben Stone: She uses an out-of-date prison library and her work is better than anything I've seen from a Wall Street law firm.
Adam Schiff: "The truth is ugly, so we put our prophets in prison."
Ben Stone: Oscar Wilde?
Adam Schiff: Charles Manson.

"Law & Order: Kids (#4.15)" (1994)
D.A. Adam Schiff: Dumb, stupid and idiotic.
A.D.A. Claire Kincaid: I think of her as generally fair.
D.A. Adam Schiff: Judge Sally Norton. You seen the latest figures on her reversal rate, Ben?
Executive A.D.A. Ben Stone: Shows you what reading Bar Association reports will do to your judgement.
D.A. Adam Schiff: She gets overturned anymore she'll be upside down.

"Law & Order: The Pursuit of Happiness (#4.10)" (1993)
Executive A.D.A. Ben Stone: Think this through with me, okay? All blacks are to be excluded from identifying whites, and vice versa? That's a license for interracial homicide.
Tom Morrison: Excuse me, Lorenzo de' Medici. Now who made you the great arbiter of justice?
Executive A.D.A. Ben Stone: A Chinese guy could blow you away and get off scot-free because of cross-racial identification. And that's the most comforting thought I've had all day.

"Law & Order: Vengeance (#2.16)" (1992)
Executive A.D.A. Ben Stone: I don't know, I think 25 to life is pretty good.
A.D.A. Paul Robinette: I know two people that would call it a gift.
Executive A.D.A. Ben Stone: Maybe this would cheer them up.
[hands Paul a newspaper]
A.D.A. Paul Robinette: The obituaries?
Executive A.D.A. Ben Stone: Richard Speck murdered 8 nurses and died in prison, he was 49. Cheney's 42.

"Law & Order: Snatched (#4.12)" (1994)
EADA Ben Stone: Mr. Bregman, you are possibly the stupidest criminal I have ever met.

"Law & Order: Right to Counsel (#3.12)" (1993)
Ben Stone: Adam, if you were a defense attorney, and a prosecutor came to you with evidence that tended to prove that your client was innocent, what would you do?
Adam Schiff: I'd celebrate up and down Center Street, and then move to set aside the plea.
Ben Stone: Until we withdrew the charges, there wasn't a peep out of Miss Knight.
Adam Schiff: If we took the license of every incompetent lawyer in the city, we wouldn't have to recycle the New York Times.

"Law & Order: Mushrooms (#1.17)" (1991)
Ben Stone: I think I can trust Doxsee.
Adam Schiff: You "think"?
Ben Stone: I can't afford not to.

"Law & Order: The Blue Wall (#1.22)" (1991)
Ben Stone: The last time conspiracy was easy was Judas and the romans.

"Law & Order: The Violence of Summer (#1.14)" (1991)
Executive A.D.A. Ben Stone: I don't care if you were there to buy a nuclear bomb, you're not the one on trial.