James Deakins
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James Deakins (Character)
from "Law & Order: Criminal Intent" (2001)

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"Law & Order: Criminal Intent: But Not Forgotten (#3.4)" (2003)
Captain James Deakins: [referring to a car-jacking/murder case in that happened on 9-11] I'd say they put about two hours work into this and called it quits.
Detective Alexandra Eames: Maybe because they had 2,000 other homicides to solve that day.

Captain James Deakins: [referring to a case of mistaken identity] They wacked the wrong lawyer. That beats all.

Captain James Deakins: [referring to a cop being taken away] So much for passing out brains with those gold shields.

"Law & Order: Criminal Intent: F.P.S. (#3.10)" (2004)
Captain James Deakins: This one knows about the tickets but not the money. This one knows about the money but not the tickets. These two clowns can't keep their stories straight.
Detective Robert Goren: They have access codes to hundreds of bank accounts, nearly two million dollars. And they only take $100,000.
Detective G. Lynn Bishop: Barely covers their overhead.
Captain James Deakins: Hmmm.
Detective Robert Goren: Now, $100,000 is just enough to catch our attention. Just enough to, um, lead us to these two.
Captain James Deakins: They've been set up.
Detective Robert Goren: So have we.

Captain James Deakins: When we catch this guy, he's gonna owe me a bottle of aspirin.

"Law & Order: Criminal Intent: The Faithful (#1.4)" (2001)
Captain James Deakins: Great, the Goren Show's back in town.

"Law & Order: Criminal Intent: The Unblinking Eye (#4.21)" (2005)
Captain James Deakins: Mrs. Jarrett, if we knew this boy's name, we could pluck him out of your daughter's life like a bad tooth.

"Law & Order: Criminal Intent: Legion (#2.18)" (2003)
Captain James Deakins: Well, it's nice to see kids studying the classics.
Detective Alexandra Eames: And learning all the wrong lessons.

"Law & Order: Criminal Intent: Mad Hops (#3.11)" (2004)
Captain James Deakins: You play ball in school?
Detective Robert Goren: [after a pause] JV power forward. Gave it up.

"Law & Order: Criminal Intent: Cold Comfort (#2.17)" (2003)
Captain James Deakins: Nothing like a two-thousand degree fire to destroy evidence.

"Law & Order: Criminal Intent: Slither (#5.11)" (2006)
Captain James Deakins: What are we talking about, some kind of Manson family?
Detective Alexandra Eames: If the Manson family shopped on Madison Avenue.

"Law & Order: Criminal Intent: The Third Horseman (#1.11)" (2002)
Captain James Deakins: This guy has a death-wish, and he's going to take somebody down with him.
Detective Alexandra Eames: We can always hope he gets the order mixed up and shoots himself first.

"Law & Order: Criminal Intent: Diamond Dogs (#5.2)" (2005)
Captain James Deakins: [to Detective Logan] You become a problem for me, you'll be the first to know.

"Law & Order: Criminal Intent: Stress Position (#4.13)" (2005)
[Det. Logan wants in on a case]
Captain James Deakins: As you said, we're Major Case. Let me discuss it with my detectives.
Detective Mike Logan: No problem. Maybe I'll have some of your Major coffee.